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Chronic Intestinal Rumbling - Confused & Desperate for Insight.

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#1 dustymiller1991


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Posted 14 February 2017 - 02:17 AM


Hi all! 


This is my first post & would LOVE to get get some insight on the symptoms I'm currently experiencing as the DR has given up & labelled my health problems 'IBS', which were non-existent a year ago. It is going to be quite long, but here we go!


My symptoms began a year ago after I had a nasty virus followed by food poisoning from McDonalds (before this I was a healthy 24y/o female with no existing symptoms). It started out as severe anxiety, to the point where I could not leave the house accompanied by a faint, dizzy feeling if I did not eat every two hours (I had to carry barley sugars with me). I got tested for everything from hyperglycaemia to thyroid issues & everything came back fine. My stomach would howl like I hadn't eaten in weeks if I did not eat every two hours to the point where it would become painful. Once I ate it would then turn into extreme intestinal rumbling with a tonne of gas (I can see & feel it moving all the way up to my throat).


The Dr had an inkling that it may have been related to high stomach acid caused by my anxiety (little did I know this actually lowers stomach acid) & prescribed me with ranitidine followed by zantac (after I said it wasn't working). After taking the acid suppressors for a month or so I developed severe gastroparesis & was unable to eat. I could only stomach about a cup full of soup throughout the entire day - even a spoonful would leave me feeling full & in excruciating pain for hours). The stomach & intestinal rumbling decreased drastically as this was going on as if everything just stopped working. I have slowly but surely naturally healed from this with triphala but from the state the acid suppressors left my stomach in I have developed lactose intolerance (makes me extremely nauseous) & eggs, soy & wine congest my ears drastically (with no other symptoms).


Since slowly healing from the gastroparesis & anxiety (cured with magnesium) the stomach & intestinal rumbling has come back.. only 100 x worse!  As soon as I wake in the morning I have severe painful stomach growling which subsides when I eat but then instantly turns into intestinal rumbling at the first bite - whatever I eat. I have been following a strict scd, low fodmap, dairy & gluten free paleo diet for a solid few months with no avail. 


I have been seeing a naturopath for a few months & she tested me for sibo which came back positive. I was on oregano oil for a month followed by berberine for two weeks. I noticed a slight difference in that I don't have anymore bloating - but the stomach & intestinal rumbling remains the same. I have also tried peppermint, digestive enzymes (thinking it may have been due to food not being broken down) gas reducers & a number of other diets to also no avail. 


The intestinal rumbling is constant - As soon as I take the first bite I can feel the gas moving inside me, sometimes it even gives me a fright as to how intense it gets. It is very painful when it creates gas pockets sometimes leaving me crippled over.


I am curious to know if anyone has any insight on this or has any ideas? Could this be candida, parasites, another intolerance I'm unaware of (something that is in my dairy, gluten free paleo diet lol)? I am getting a comprehensive stool test done on Thursday which I'm hoping will give me a little more insight.


Any comments at all is appreciated. Thanks!

#2 PD85


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Posted 14 February 2017 - 11:46 AM

Well, I don't know if this helps, but you have a stereotypical story of IBS!


Totally normal -> Food poisoning -> IBS & food intolerances -> Failed medical treatment -> Worse IBS


I would say that your very first option for treatment should be Rifaximin. This is the best drug for SIBO hands down, which is what I suspected you might have before I read the point in your story where you report to have tested positive for SIBO. 


Other things you can try are a garlic supplement like Allimax and also Caprylic Acid. For the rumbling intestines you can try activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and pepto bismol. 


Also, dig around these forums and find people with similar problems as yours, as that can be very helpful. Some people have SIBO but it's not actually causing their problems, it's more of a side effect from their real problem which often remains undiagnosed.

"I could be wrong about everything." -Me

#3 laylow


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Posted 14 February 2017 - 12:12 PM

I have the gurgling intestines daily, not as predictable as yours.  Usually happens when I am sitting or lying trying to sleep.  I haven't found anything to stop it yet, but digestive enzymes and probiotics seem to be the only things that "may" seem to give some improvement.  I am going to continue to experiment with different types and amounts.

#4 rosenberg


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Posted 08 December 2017 - 04:21 PM

not sure if you fixed the rumble, but I struggled with rumbling and spasms and although I still get anxious over them, mine are close to gone.


u mentioned u took stomach acid reducer, this is how I developed sibo too (stupid doctor!). I take betaine hcl with meals, you didn't mention this. it helps alot


also, I started cbd oil to help with my anxiety. I believe the gut rumble is a combination of our gut lining being weak and anxiety.

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