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IBS-C Surgery

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#21 annie7


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Posted 13 April 2017 - 12:27 PM

That's wonderful! So good to hear that you are doing so well.

these are just my own thoughts. for expert medical advice please contact a health care professional.

#22 JF79


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Posted 16 April 2017 - 08:42 PM

I hope the surgery goes well for you. I did't even know that doctors performed surgeries for IBS-C. I don't know if you ever tried the natural route, but if my memory's correct, I think you take a magnesium supplement. Milk of Magnesia's too strong for me, so I just take 1-2 magnesium caps a day. So I found this support group via the website https://www.helpforibs.com If you're not familiar with their products, I highly recommend them. They have free images of Yoga poses that help with digestion, & they have a guide for what foods are or aren't ok to eat. For IBS-C, I highly recommend their Acacia Senegal, which is the best natural laxative that I've ever used. It feels natural, & it doesn't taste odd or bad. Their peppermint/ginger oil capsules help to. Then they also have peppermint, & fennel tea. I'm not big on the taste of fennel tea, but it helps w/ bloating a lot. Peppermint helps w/ discomfort, but it's also a natural muscle relaxer, which can make constipation worse. I believe that my IBS-C symptoms came from a very stressful period in my life, & then there was the medication that I used to use via an implanted intrathecal medicine pump. I live w/ chronic pain, which is why I had it. The meds would slow down my bodily functions, which included digestion. I used to get free samples of Amitiza for it, because my insurance doesn't cover it. 1 day, my doc ran out, so she gave me a sample of a similar med. The next day I had the worst cramps. The pain was unbearable, so I went to the E.R. I was prescribed Bentyl, which helps, but it has the same downside as peppermint. I'll still use it if the discomfort's overwhelming. Fortunately, after having the med pump removed, my symptoms improved a lot. When I do feel discomfort, I don't know if it's normal digestive discomfort or IBS-C symptoms. Still, if I'm concerned about it, I'll still take a probiotic, a peppermint/ginger oil capsule, & Beano if I'm eating veggies or fruit. I also use some DōTerra products, which is an essential oil co. that specializes in making high quality essential oils that are ingestible. Spearmint oil's not as potent of a muscle relaxer as peppermint, so it's better for people w/ IBS-C. The directions for all of their ingestible products is 1 drop in a glass of H2O. You can also use their products for aroma therapy to help reduce stress. I also take DōTERRA's Terra Zyme, which is supplement from their Digest-Zen blend. The mixed blend is 150 mg's of peppermint leaf, ginger root, & caraway seed. It also has other natural ingredients, including an anti-gluten enzyme. I also meditate, which has helped me a lot over the years. Anyway, I hope all goes well with your surgery. If you haven't already, feel free to try some of the things that work for me. A warm (epsom) salt bath is also something I use to reduce stress.   

#23 Redmapletree


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Posted 17 April 2017 - 08:16 PM

Yes I had tried natural ways as well. Apparently when the colon gets enlarged it ceases to function and cannot go back to a normal size. The surgery was the best decision I've made to deal with this. After over 30 years of living in pain I'm now pain free. Should have done it years ago.
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#24 kikiveronica


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Posted 27 September 2017 - 04:05 PM

Thanks for posting this. I am considering surgery. How long was the time spent in the hospital and how long was the recovery time? Thanks!


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