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scared stress depression anxiety possible IBS?

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Posted 14 March 2017 - 09:52 AM


Hello everyone. I am hoping that someone can help put my mind at ease. I have been an emotional mess for a long time. I have been to 5 emergency rooms, have had a CT, MRI, rectal exam, and 3 blood tests which were inclusive of liver function. Last year I was diagnosed with a fatty liver after my blood test revealed elevated enzymes. This was confirmed with a CT then MRI. I am 5'11 and weighed 210 last year at this same time. After the fatty liver diagnosis, I was so scared. I changed my diet completely. Cut out everything bad. Also stopped alcohol even though I was not a huge drinker, just out  of fear. I haven't had alcohol in over a year and don't have the desire to. I am 32 by the way. Lately I have been so scared because of what I think is a change in bowel habits. I usually have a bowel movement when I wake up in the morning and it has been like that for months. Today, I had a bowel movement, but it was hard separate lumps that were a little tough to pass. Yesterday, it was more formed but thin, but no pencil thin. Last year my CT and MRI were clear aside from the fatty liver. My CT said "no bowel obstruction or wall thickening".. My rectal exam was NEGATIVE for blood in the stool. Every emergency room I have been to and every doctor I have been to has listened to and felt my stomach and said everything felt and sounded normal. A year ago when I had my blood works, everything was normal  aside from the liver enzymes which got better. I am concerned because I have been going when I wake up in the morning as usual, but sometimes it comes out in hard lumps and sometimes I will go a second time during the day which throws me into a panic. Since the fatty liver, my lowest weight was 183 which is still overweight according to my doctor, but I went back up to 205 (I weighed myself at night one night which I shouldn't have done) but now I am back up to 195. I am so afraid its colon cancer, but my doctor doesn't think it is and said it is wrong to do a test on me just to make me feel better and the reward doesn't out weight the risk. Sometimes I see a tiny amount of white mucus and a black speck like pepper. I am afraid. If there is anyone out there that can help me, I would be very grateful. My grandfather died of colon cancer at 61 and an old boss at an old job at 35. My doctor said he is not worried, but I am in such a panic I am on medications. I have a hard time accepting that this can be IBS? I am so scared :(

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