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are these symptoms sound familiar to you?

ibs lower left pain

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#1 1903ygt


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Posted 02 May 2017 - 03:30 PM


Hello all,

I am near the edge of being crazy. It's been 3 months that i have ache in specific point at lower left abdomen. When pressed, pain gets worse. over 1-10 scale, pain is around 2-3 mostly. But here is the thing: it is always there. When I wake up, i start feeling it until I sleep. It is like feeling of squeezing there. I am trying antispasmodics, trying to eat healthier but no change.


I visited doctors several time:


CT scan of abdomen: clear

blood work: clear, only colestherol was high and doctors said it is not related to my pain. vitamins, iron, kidney and liver functions are all normal.

ultrasound several times: all clear.

urine test: clear

visited urologist: he said i have a small stone (4 mm) which is not the cause of the pain.  Last year i had ESWL operation for another kidney stone.


I saw blood line once (like it was mixed with some kind of mucus on my stool) after eating a lot of meat. Not in the toilet paper, but on the surface of my stool. I have no constipation or diarrea. Last 4-5 days my stool seems to be normal.


colonoscopy: i was checked in July-2016, two non-cancerous polyps were found. My GP said I do not need to do a colonoscopy now as it was soon enough.


/I am 29 years old. i can still continue to daily life as the pain is not so strong. But feeling the pain 7/24 has started to affect my psychology adversely, i began to find myself checking the internet all the time.


Can someone please help me if same symptoms you have? would this could be ibs? what could be the my issue? I fed up going to doctors and hearing that everything seems to be normal. anything you can think would be very very very welcome.

#2 Rboe


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Posted 02 May 2017 - 07:15 PM

I have definitely experienced pain with IBS but mine was more come and go, not continual. I would keep looking for a doctor to help until you get an official diagnosis. Frankly your symptoms do not seem consistent with what I know about IBS but then again, I am not a doctor. I hope you find help.

#3 highlandhilman


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Posted 09 May 2017 - 11:56 AM

What types of doctors have you seen so far? Have you considered seeing a naturopath, functional medicine doctor, or chinese medicine doctor?


Do you exercise? Any stretching or twisting-style/digestive yoga? Have you had acupuncture or tried visceral massage?


Also, where were the polyps found and how big were they? If they're blocking the ability of your stool to move through your GI tract, that could certainly cause pain, even if they're non-cancerous.


Lastly, are you on any type of special or restricted diet?

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