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I cured my fructose-malabsorbtion, you also might be able to cure your food intolerance!

fructosecure malabsorbtion lactose wheat intolerance

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Posted 03 June 2017 - 01:44 PM


Hi guys!

I am a 20-years-old from Germany, so please excuse my language skills, if there's anything wrong spelled, grammar wrong or something, I'm just a student smile.png 

I suffered for a long time from bowel complaints and several food intolerances including lactose, fructose and most grains, also being a vegetarian my whole life. I was pretty dump ignoring minor ailments for a really long time, I didn't have the control about this whole eating-issue and pushed it out of my mind until it got really, really bad about six months ago and I was forced to find solutions. Because I found mine, I wanted to share my expieriences.

I did research in german forums like this one and came across a doctor who asserted she could cure many food intolerances. I spended two weeks reading her book and reading storys of people who were attended in her surgery in Hamburg. The therapy is called "impulse therapy". In her book she also describes the method and of cause her hypotheses. To me, it sounded logical, but, you know, I'm not a medic. 

So, I gave it a try. In her surgery, Dr. Wolff issues "fitted therapy plans", but as I mentioned before, there is also a general one in her book and it's pretty easy to give it a try, I decided to start with fructose. I didn't have so much to loose since I couldn't even eat tomatos or pepper anymore.

IMPORTANT: With this therapy, you can only cure malabsorbtions and intolerances, not "allergic" ones and i think I remember, not inherent ones, too. Also, only dietary fructose intolerance could me cured, not hereditary fructose intolerance. IF YOU ENDANGER YOURSELF BY TAKING A SUBSTANCE ORALY, PLEASE DON'T!! 

You need: pure fructose, one teaspoon, alarm clock

And it goes like this:

- You really need your gut to be empty, so you have to wait at least 10 hours after your last meal, eg. over night.
- You are not allowed to brush your teeth before the treatment! You can do that in the evening and the next day after the
- You are not allowed to drink 15 minutes before and after the revenue of the fructose during the treatment!

- After these 10 hours you take 1/4 teaspoon of pure fructose (you can buy that in a marked at least in germany)
- Then you have to wait exactly two hours (and it has to be exactly two hours, 5 minutes do make a difference!)
- When the alarm clock rings after two hours, you will take 1/2 teaspoon of fructose.
- Then you have to wait two hours again. After these two hours, you take a full teaspoon of fructose.
- Then you have to wait two hours for it to pass the gastric, and after that, your'e done for that day.

This has to be repeated between 1-8 days until the intolerance faints. I did it like that and every day it got better. It took me 5 days. You have to test it every afternoon or evening. For that, you teat a piece of pear because of its high fructose concentration.

My therapy day looked like that:

18 pm: last meal
4 am: 1/4 teaspoon
6 am: 1/2 teaspoon 
8 am: 1 teaspoon
10 am: breakfast

I got rid of it like that and there are many people in this german forum that had success, too. The doctor herself claimes that she could help about 80% of her patients. I don't know, if this also refers to the general one, bc in her surgery she does modify the distances between the revenue of the fructose after some tests you have to make.

In the first two therapy days, I had to fight with flatulences, but it got less and less. Also I want to mention, that some people in my forum said, that it took about 1 week till the effect of the therapy kicked in. If you're not sure if it is okay, take a break and observe it. You shouldn't do more therapy days that you have to do, I don't know the effects. Some of the patients had to do a correction of 1-2 days after a while.

If there are any questions, you can post them here and I will try my best to answer it when I find time. I will soon start my desensitilisation of wheat and lactose and if you want, I will report.

I cannot tell, how relieved I am! Because of this icredible success I wanted to share it in the English-speaking forum, after I saw, that nobody did before. You might think, I'm a troll, but I am not. I swear that I can eat a whole bowl of strawberries every day now. I finished my therapy one and a half week ago. Before, I could not even eat a tomato. 
I wish you the best and maybe, some of you will give it a try and send this to other people.

Greetings from Germany and stay healty! tongue.png 



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