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Pain in upper middle abdomen after bowel movement

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#1 Richard88


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Posted 09 August 2017 - 12:06 PM

Hello new to do forum and was wondering if anybody has this feeling also.

I'm not constipated or I don't have diarrhea neither to I feel nauseas or ever vomit.

I get this dull hollow cramp/ache after a bm. It starts pretty much after I go and can last for hours or days. It's like my upper abdomen gets inflammed after a bm I can press down on it and it's quite hard and sore and it kinda feels like a knot or something is like stuck. Also feels very tight like somebody twisting a wet towel as much as they can.

I can really feel it if I exhale or if I blech. Also sometimes I can press down on the area just above my belly button and hear lots of fluid in the area only if I'm lying flat down on a bed.

I went to the hospital the other day and doctor said it sounds like gastritis and gave me ppi which I've been taking for the last 4 days.

I had barium swallow-All clear
Ultrasound- All clear

I did do a private stool test which revealed my stool ph was 5.5 which is quite low and I had a high to medium level of candida albcians in my system. Also alpha 1 aspartame was 47 in my stool when normal reading is 40 which I read up is maybe because of leaky gut syndrome.

I'll also not that I done a food intolerance test which revealed I'm having a bad reaction to

Cows milk

Anyway I'm due a colonoscopy in the next few months which I'm starting to think it might be a waste of time and I need the upper endoscopy.

I'm really worried about this as it's ruined my life for the last 1-2 years

What's causing this

Candida overgrowth?
Leaky gut?

Please if anyone has any information or is feeling similar symptoms please get back to me nobody understands what I'm going through and the doctors are no help I guess I just need to talk.

Thank you for reading my post
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Posted 19 November 2018 - 12:58 PM

Hi Richard,

I deal with a similar symptom every month. It usually happens to me because I eat food that is hard to digest (pizza, white bread, cheese, fish, eggs, etc).

Have you tried to eat more liquid food like soups and mashed vegetables?

Also, is the stool examination clear for Viruses/Bacteria in the intestines? I had all the symptoms of OBS and Constipation just because I had Helicobacter in my Intestines.

The area around the upper mid of your abdomen has the stomach and the upper mid of the small intestine. I think there is something wrong with the stomach or the end of it.

Usually, the small intestine is full and the new food you eat can't move quickly towards into it.

And whenever I feel bowel movement, i sometimes feel a light pain if I eat something that is hard to digest.

My Solution: I eat more liquid food and food that can be easily digested (ex: vegetable soup, boiled vegetables and salads | no bread, no pizza, cheese with lots of veggies).


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