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Do these symptoms seem consistent with IBS?


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Posted 10 September 2017 - 05:56 PM


Hello all, first post....


Quick background, I am a 42 year old male, and have always had "some" issues with IBS symptoms, but they had been mostly minor. Mostly urgency and diarrhea after eating out about 2-3 times a month.  Last May I went to a conference in Orlando for work, and got a pretty bad stomach bug that left me bedridden for a few days.  I recovered after about a week, but about a week after that, I started getting some symptoms.  


This has continued now for the last 4 months.  The full list of my symptoms are:


Inconsistent diarrhea/loose stools/a few hard stools/mucus stools with dirrahea

Pain in my right side that moves around. 

Ribbon stools (This is nothing new, this is has always been "normal" for me)

Spasms on my right side


Lots of gas

Slight bloating on the right side


It has become pretty predictable.  It starts about 4am when I get up to urinate.  I start expelling a lot of gas.  This continues until I get up at about 5:30.  I always am able to pass feces.  Usually 2-3 times before 8am.  The pain starts about the time I get up.  It starts in the lower right abdomen and feels like when you have a stomach bug.  Usually by the time I eat breakfast, the pain subsides there, but then moves to the upper abdomen.  It is a very dull pain, and usually only lasts a minute or two.  Almost like gas pain.  Then I feel things move in my colon and the pain subsides.  There are many different places for the pain though, it moves quite a bit but is always on the right side. By the time I have supper, most of the pain has subsided for the day, and usually feel pretty good for the rest of the night, until the morning and the cycle starts all over.


My life is pretty stress-free, so I don't see this being an issue.  I haven't had any weight loss, and am checked every 3-6 months for anemia due to RA medications I am on, and the CBC always comes back normal.  I still have my appetite.  I do have some bleeding, but this has also been consistent for about the last 20 years.  It is only when I am straining or passing a hard stool.  I can always tell if I am bleeding before seeing the blood due to burning that comes with it. It is bright red, and it sometimes is on the stool, but never in it.


I saw my GP after about 2 months of this.  He said I just needed to eat better and I was constipated (despite the chronic loose stools), and didn't think it was anything.  He was concerned with the bleeding, so he sent me to a colon specialist.  He did an anoscopy, and confirmed it is hemorrhoids.  The procedure was one of the most painful things of my life.  He said the muscles were really tight.  He said he could do a colonoscopy, but didn't thing he'd find anything.  He said he'd really be doing it to give me piece of mind. After the experience of the anoscopy, I dread a colonoscopy.  


I began taking Digestive Advantage about 6 weeks go.  I also started peppermint oil about 2 weeks ago, and read a lot about fodmaps, and eliminated onions, garlic, and whole wheat.  I have found some relief, especially with the diarrhea, spasms, and gurgling.  I haven't had diarrhea in the last 2 weeks (still have varing consistency though), but still have the pain and other symptoms.  Also, the pain now sometimes radiates in my lower right back in different spots, but the same thing, usually is gone within a minute or two, usually once I feel things move.  


I should also mention, last month I went on a 2 week family vacation.  By about the 4th day, the symptoms all dissipated, even though I was eating like crap.  The one thing though was I was doing a lot of walking.  Once we started the 2 day drive back home, the symptoms came back and have been here ever since.  I am thinking the walking helped things move, which may have alleviated the symptoms.  


So in summary, does this sound like post infectious IBS?  This is my thought given the symptoms and the onset.  Since the "output" seems to be in better control, anyone have suggestions for the pain?  Many times it feel like gas, while other times it is different, but is on and off again all throughout the day in various places on my right side..  Is it normal just to affect the right side and move around?  I have been thinking of replacing the Digestive Advantage with Bifidobacterium.  Any other suggestions?

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Posted 16 September 2017 - 02:07 PM

I agree, all those things mentioned above definitely does work. I never tried Ginger tea though, definitely gonna give it a try - thanks! But I did try everything that he said above and it really does help, you just feel better - both mentally and physically and those two things factor quite significantly on your symptoms. I started hitting the gym, eating healthy - no diary, less carbs, more balanced amounts of acid, stopped drinking coffee. Lucky enough that I never smoked, so one problem less at the beginning and it helped me greatly. Now after few years of this lifestyle I feel much better, healthier and my symptoms were reduced. I hope you can sort it out, cheers :)

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