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Is painful bloating regular?

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#1 rachelk123


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Posted 05 October 2017 - 08:25 AM


Hi all,


Wanted to check in and see if anyone has similar symptoms or if I have something other than IBS.


(Super quick background- I'm 22, Asian and had GERD for a couple years then moved onto IBS (undiagnosed) and recently moved to Korea. Had a stressful first few weeks here and went to the doctor for stomach discomfort and got prescribed medication for IBS (diagnosed now) for 2 weeks. Took it but had to change medication to a prescribed antibiotic that they gave me with a new stomach medication for a gum infection. The 2 weeks and currently as I'm taking the medication, my bloating has gotten exceptionally worse.)


I wake up, open my eyes, and automatically feel a weird feeling in my upper/middle stomach area, right below my breastbone. It feels like it's either empty cause there's no food in there and gas is moving or something is just moving in one area or itchy internally...? That's the best way I can describe it. But the feeling goes away once I eat. I also wake up semi-bloated but as soon as I eat, I get SO SO SO bloated. Mainly my lower stomach area. So bloated to the point it feels like my intestines hurt from stretching and it's going to rip or something. And my upper stomach hurts because the lower half is stretching so hard. Then as the hours go by, it slowly gets better but as soon as the next meal comes, I go back to bloating hugely again. My digestion seems to work fairly okay, but in the middle of meals, I also get pain/cramping in random parts of my stomach as well as that similar INTERNALLY ITCHY(?) feeling in the middle/upper part of my stomach.


Not sure if IBS bloating is supposed to be so intense it literally HURTS internally in different ways. Please give me any and all of your input! THANK YOU!!

#2 shadytree


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Posted 07 October 2017 - 06:22 PM

 Well,it varies from person to person. You should be able to get peppermint oil

capsules on line. Take one when you get up as needed and before you eat.

 These reduce gut spasms and will ease the bloating.

 Last winter and early this year i developed cecum cramping and was prescribed VSL#3 Double Strength probiotics by gastro. They really helped with the cramping.

 You might want to ask your Dr. for some probiotics.

 Anyway,I hope all this helps.

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