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Posted 06 October 2017 - 06:05 AM


Hi! Guys, 


This is my first post on this site.


I sometimes wonder whether I find my situation amusing or depressing.

Having a health condition which you can't openly discuss with anyone....even people close to you find think you are CLOWN when you talk to them about your symptoms and find it amusing seeing you rush to the LOO every 20-30 minutes or so coming back after 10-15 minutes looking 'COMPLETELY CLUELESS'.


I totally understand the irritation and sufferring of all the people going through this horrific disorder and finally found a site where I can talk about this with my fellow sufferers.


Guys! You know I coined this word 'U.L.T' as a synonym for 'Unsuccessful Loo Trips'.


I finally thought the best way to live with this is to just Joke about it as there is nothing you can do about it sometimes regardless of the medication you are on.


Its just that one day you feel fine and the next day is a nightmare.


So nowadays anyone close to me asks me "hey! how was your day" I just say "nothing much only 10 or 12 ULT's today, but am still living".


No one can really understand what living with this CULT (Constant Unsuccessful Loo Trips) is unless you are going through the same and this is something I know first hand.


I know what it is to spend half your working day sitting in the Loo and waiting for some kind of Salvation, I suppose and then coming back to do some work and just when you finally come to a state of mind when you just able to concentrate on doing some real work-The Damn feeling starts Again.... Horrific...!!!


Guys....!!! Just fight it... And Please never ever lose HOPE.


I have found that one sure fire way to deal with this, since on the days when I have some serious deadlines to meet and if you like the work you are doing then you can crowd this feeling out of your mind till you are fully occupied and don't have the time to think about Loo for a change. Sure enough...once you have finished whatever needs to be done-"here we go again' and this feeling starts. 


So I try to keep forcing myself into taking on tasks with serious timelines, even though it isn't always possible.. but just keep trying to.


Though its my first post on this forum and the first time I am talking about my problems... it feels good I have company.



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Posted 10 October 2017 - 05:57 PM

Welcome to the forum!


So I try to keep forcing myself into taking on tasks with serious timelines, even though it isn't always possible.. but just keep trying to.


I don't know if this is the right way to deal with the condition. I've noticed myself with deadlines, thoughts will be dedicated to the task at hand, but stress is able to make physical symptoms worse for me and many others. When I am stressed I contract every muscle in my body, my shoulders will raise, and I'll hold in my stomach in. Especially the last reaction is what I believe (or theorize rather) causes stomach issues for people that only had anxiety as symptom in the past.


The solution then is to prioritize your work like you would when having a deadline, except having a deadline. Mindfulness. Reading is good to practice keeping focus.

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