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A solution!

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 11:21 AM


Hey everyone,


I wanted to write on here because I know how frustrating it can be to have constant abdo pain and discomfort with no sign of it ever letting up.


From February to September of this year, I had daily abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, loose stools, cramps, ect. You name it, I probably had it. I also have severe OCD and anxiety on top of it. I spent almost every day googling symptoms, trying to reassure myself that I would be OK and that I didn't have something terrible....we all know what I'm talking about.


I made countless doctor's appointments, but never got an answer and they refused to do a colonoscopy. I was depressed, obsessed, miserable, and I honestly couldn't plan ahead or get excited about anything because in the back of my head I always thought "well what if I have something and I'm not here." I am 30 years old by the way.


I came on this website constantly seeking advice and was just hoping to see people with my symptoms. I would have days were I was convinced I was dying, and then days I laughed it off. It was miserable.


Here's how it went away(it's been gone for about a month and a half now.)


I got a job....that's all. I know some of you already have jobs and you're thinking "great advice wise guy." But, I was an unemployed grad student with too much time on his hands. I then landed a job as a teacher and athletic director, and I had literally no time to stress about my stomach anymore. I was so busy I couldn't think, and all of a sudden, I was at school one day and thought to myself, "woah, I haven't thought about my stomach all day, it's not bothering me." And just like that, it was legit gone. 7 months of everyday stomach pain, gone, because I was too busy to worry about it.


My point is this: if you are like me, and you worry, worry, worry. Try to stop worrying. It's easier said than done. But I honestly think my stomach issues came from my constant anxiety and thinking about it. The brain is a powerful thing. Literally everything is back to normal now....everything.


So, stay busy, stop worrying, and I promise you it will help.


Good luck!

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Posted 09 May 2019 - 01:13 PM

The brain can create things or take them away. It has a lot more power and most people realize. Hypnotherapy is built on that foundation pretty much.


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