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Need help today Please. Food poisoning or regular IBS weirdness?

pains small red blood mucus

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#1 Had IBS forever

Had IBS forever

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 01:17 PM


Have had IBS since childhood. I'm in my late fifties and female. I've been having a bout of Hemmoroids - external. No blood, just painful after harder bm and swollen ( gyn mentioned them at last test) . Treating with Prep H and vaseline at bm. I've been dx'd with internal in past via colonoscopy   Seemed to be going well- had days where I didn't feel them and they would go down.  


* This past Saturday had very heavy feeling in my pelvic area and a lot of gas all day- very uncomfortable .  Later in the evening passed two very long, but not wide, smooth, normal colored bms that next day and realized that I felt better Sunday with no heaviness. I passed another very large bm that afternoon-- constipated round pieces attached to a very big but soft bm and then a pile of mush.  Typical for me since menopause. 


* My problem: This morning at 5:30 a.m. I awakened with horrible intestinal pains- lasted a long time and then I produced a larger bm and more that was liquid and pieces. Pains did not stop after bm like usual. Continuing intestinal pains but not as bad as the first time. 


* I've since passed more formed and liquid with intestinal pains.  Then I went again an hour later-had intestinal pain and just passed some shred mucus with a bit of bright red blood. I'm hoping it's just from the Hemmoroids after all the activity but I'm not so sure because  I'm also thinking I might have food poisoning?


* I feel nausea but have not vomited.- but I'm also very worried and anxious.  Ate a slice of cake last night that when I was serving it fell onto a plastic bag that held the crossstitch I was working on. I just scooped it up and ate my serving- not thinking about it- 5 second rule and all . This morning I remembered that the bag was on the front passenger seat of my car when it fell out of my purse. My daughter likely had her feet all over it for days. Thinking it could have been bacteria-laden and the cause of this morning's issues- but wondering if this is just a continuation of the problem I had on Saturday - heaviness in pelvic area and bowel gas and discomfort or food poisoning. Haven't had any blood except for today- I always check. 


Also, I am waiting on the results of the Cologuard test I took less than two weeks ago- didn't want to do a colonoscopy-- no risks factors and have already had two clear tests in past.


I'm NOTlooking for a diagnosis but just general thoughts/assurances for my anxiety about my situation. Thanks for any information or thought about my situation you can offer. 

#2 shadytree


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Posted 09 October 2017 - 04:26 PM

 Well,just from personal experience,when I have had food poisoning, I have a rampage from both ends. I doubt you would get the same thing as traditional food poisoning from something contaminated by dirt on shoes,since different bacteria would be living on than than the kinds that cause food poisoning I would think.

I'd just keep an eye on things if I were you and stay hydrated with broth and extra salt.

#3 acureisoutthere


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Posted 26 October 2017 - 06:33 PM

Do you have IBS-D or is it IBS-D  ?



Have you tried to determine which foods trigger your symptoms ?  A food elimination diet may help.  You basically start off with just a few 'safe' foods, and then one at a time, add in different foods to see if you react.  It's takes time, but at least you learn which foods trigger your symptoms, and then you avoid those foods.


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