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VERY strange case of IBS...or something else?


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Posted 20 January 2018 - 10:32 PM


I am feeling quite lost on how to handle my digestive issues. Some context: I am a healthy 21 year old female. I have had no digestion issues until about 2 years ago, when I went to the ER with EXTREME pain in my lower right abdomen. Like, screaming, sweating, crying pain. It was worse than dislocating my shoulder. It went away in 8 hours, and the ER gave me no answers as to what happened. I got an ultrasound and there were "floating masses" in my bladder. These have been largely ignored since then because apparently they did not show up on the next ultrasound...but I saw the first ones myself clear as day. Like dark bubbles floating around in an oval, clearly. No kidney stones, no appendicitis...So I was sent home, and the next morning, I went back with the same pain. This time it lasted 6 hours and I still had no answers when it subsided. Ever since then, I've had BAD stomach problems that come and go, but never go away or really improve. 

I've never had that kind of extreme pain like I did then, but I do experience pain almost every time I eat anything, in cycles of 1-2 weeks about every other week, so 2/3 of the time. Could be a banana and some cucumbers or a deep-dish pizza, it's all painful during that 2/3. I am extremely bloated in the morning. I am woken up by pain and gas but I can't go to the bathroom until I've been active and upright for a while in the morning. After that I need to go to the bathroom 3-4 times before I even leave the house. I don't go on runs anymore that aren't on a treadmill near a bathroom. Throughout the day my appetite is normal but I still get sick when I eat unless I graze on tiny foods like a mouse ALL DAY, which is almost impossible to do with a busy job that's not always at a desk. Even then...I've had to change my lifestyle a lot. 

I eat a very healthy diet and exercise every day. I rarely drink, and I've tried many exclusion diets: gluten, dairy, etc. I've tried low FODMAP. I've had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, nuclear scan, CT scan, ultrasound, urology testing, blood panels galore...nothing. I feel like I've tried everything. 

My doctors and parents ignore it, but I sincerely think that 2 years ago when I went to the ER, something was messed up in my insides. I'm continuing my research and ignoring my latest doctors' advice to "keep a food journal and deal with it" because I found a decent amount blood in my stool this morning. Never happened before, but here we are. Again, I was tested for Crohn's, so...I'm drawing a blank. 

If ANYONE has even an IDEA or VAGUE SUGGESTION literally send it my way I'm leaving no stone unturned. 

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Posted 27 February 2018 - 02:12 PM

Hi:  This is a tricky one.. I have also been ER with very similar problems... They did a scan and found like problems, but on me it was on the opposite side of the colon. 

They called mine a Volvulus (bowl blockage) Yes, they are very painful, been their and done it twice. Passed out the first time and landed on the floor of the bathroom the pain was so bad and had to vomit afterwards. Second time, same thing, but did not pass out or vomit. But had very cold chills and my legs shock all over for at least ten minutes uncontrollable. Went to ER the second time, and the only think I found out that it was a (Temp) blockage. It cleared itself.. both times. If not a surgeon has to go in to clear it, especially if the colon ruptures.  Some times the colon will fold over, some times they say it will go into a twist, cutting off blood supply and if its off long enough the colon can become damaged and a section has to be removed. (not a happy trip.) It can happen on either side of the large intestines, more on the right side than left side. The Blood... its only as guess. If the blockage is bad enough you could get some blood showing but not normally if it on the right side away from the rectum. It would sound more like Crohns. But you would have to have a showing several times. Its where the small and large Intestine comes together at a junction point. They say it can be caused from a heavy fat eating diet. But I think they are guessing because I couldn't get that verified, they were to close mouth to tell facts. I have been to ER before and found out nothing, except a huge hospital bill for a couple X-rays. Like $16k.. not even a Band Aid. They wanted me to go thru another full Colonoscopy, I refused after already having ten to date. The prep alone will send you to the grave yard the damage it causes after ten. If I were you, I would go find myself a well experienced Chiropractor who specializes in IBS issues. They can adjust that valve area to put it back into line so it doesn't cause a blocking again. I know it sounds wearied, but it true. I go to one that does it often to patients. If you were ever injured in that area, even as a child it can come back to you when you become older. Anytime your injured it leaves the body with weak muscle tissues. I was injured when I was just 25, and now 74, and it came back to plague me in later years. MD will not and can not help you if it needs to be adjusted. This is just a guest, but you just never know.

If you have anymore questions, fell free to ask.. Hope you find your problem soon to easy your mind and get it corrected..  We both have had enough of test to glow in the dark at night... 

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