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Caffeine and\or stimulants

caffeine stimulants abdominal pain

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#1 Naiv


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Posted 26 March 2018 - 08:26 AM


after suffering terrible abdominal pains over the last 5 months, wracking my brain trying to figure out what was causing it, looking at the symptoms what i was doing, eating, lifestyle what had changed etc, i was at a total loss and about to give up when it stopped suddenly, one night i took on advice of my partner a dolcolax to relive my constipation, it worked but gave me the worst abdominal pain i have ever had and i realised that that pill was a stimulant as it was stimulating my gut to pass stool, then i thought maybe caffeine, as its a stimulant, is hurting me, so i stopped drinking coffee, tea, even the decaf as their is still caffeine in it, also fizzy soda drinks etc, and without fail my pain stopped.


I still have some issues with my digestion and gut but nothing so severe as what i had.


I wanted to ask you! and tell you! if you haven't already then id advise a try, to give up caffeine, and\or stimulants as a test, and I mean truly give it up, because what I mean is de-caff isn't truly decaf, chocolate and ice cream apparently contain caffeine, and stimulants such as a cigarette may be giving your gut problems, at the very least give up tea, coffee, anything with caffeine in it for a few days, because if it helps you like it helped me id be happy for you.


Anyone else have anything to say on this subject, as I know it can be difficult to give up even for a few days, something such as caffeine or even tobacco, as some of us rely on it sooo much, perhaps your the opposite, you have to have it, to help you pass stool, or cant live without it even if you know it may help, i'm just excited to share this to see if this insight can help anyone else.


But what I learned is that their is caffeine in drinks and foods in small amounts and disguised so they don't necessarily have to label it, I know different countries have different legal ways, but its was interesting to find out, too avoid even the smallest bit of caffeine, otherwise id never have known, and may have thought it wasn't and id be buggered and bamboozled for sure.

#2 CoffeeSux


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Posted 18 May 2018 - 07:35 PM

Hi Naiv,

I too have stepped off the hamster wheel of caffeine! I have always been an avid coffee drinker and coffee enthusiast, drinking 2-3 cups per day and always believing it to be completely harmless and even good for my health. Friends and family were stunned that after my drinking coffee for more than 20 years and watching me go from ‘zombie’ state to ‘amped up’ for the day with just one large cup, that I am suddenly able to kiss my old dear friend goodbye for good. I mean, I’m a coffee addict—I have coffee t-shirts for crying out loud!

It all started a few years ago when I started feeling anxious and having trouble sleeping and tried absolutely everything under the sun to sleep better and try to relax. that is, everything but give up my best bud, coffee. I had crazy anxiety like I could never really be ‘calm’ or relax ina conversation without feeling like I really needed to be talking constantly, like I was jumpy in a really non-chalant way, maybe I was the only one that noticed because o became so good at hiding my intense personal anxiety.
I was finally out with a friend that said he didn’t drink coffee because it gives him anxiety when nothing is wrong, and I decided he might be on to something. Of course I waited another 4 months before actually attempting to quit.

I first went down to 1 cup per day and figured I was pretty good but my sleep was still not that great. Waking up at 2 or 3 every morning for years was really starting to annoy me, and there was No way that could have been caused by one innocent cup of Joe in the early morning hours... or could it?

I finally got so fed up with trying a million different supplements from magnesium to melatonin that I took a nice little inventory and said to my self “Self, would it be so bad to give up coffee? I mean, if you wean yourself off it, wouldn’t it be worth it if you could start sleeping through the night again?” The answer was OK I’ll try it.

I bought decaf and mixed half decaf with half regular for a few days, endured a few headaches that I treated with a lot of water and Advil. But by day 5, I was completely switched to decaf and noticed major improvement in my sleep, so I stopped drinking decaf by day 8, and then something amazing happened....I started sleeping through the night like a baby!
Also, I don’t have any of the same constipation issues I had been fighting for years, which seems like a miracle. I always thought caffeine helped with constipation, I had No idea the havoc it wreaks on the digestion system.

What else? I am so relaxed! I am so chill! I always thought being this relaxed had to do with the way you were raised or your personality. This all came on so gradually with 20 years of coffee drinking I had No idea coffee was producing a synthetic adrenaline rush and increasing my cortisol, the stress hormone, that would last more than 24 hours with just one cup!! Everyone says it’s ok to drink but it truly is a drug that creates “fake” feelings of ‘fight or flight’ all day. It makes you temporarily happy and then you crash hard and have intense food cravings or need more coffee to keep the cycle going.

Coffee sucks, imo.

Thought I would share if anyone is interested...

#3 Nagenji


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Posted 20 May 2018 - 02:26 AM

Interesting write up and thanks for sharing.

Im trying to cut out coffee as well i feel like it could only make me feel better by cutting it out!

#4 Musgos


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Posted 22 May 2018 - 01:36 AM

I've been on the fence of giving up coffee, unluckily for me i got i diagnosed with IBS after buying $2,000 usd worth of equipment (espresso machine n' grinder)


i havent tried to give it up, not even one day.. that's because if i dont drink i feel really wasted, not only that, i get very bad headaches..


so i am trapped.. any advice?

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