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Possible IBS; first GI appt

IBS DIARRHEA irritable bowel syndrome gas cramping

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#1 bs6201


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Posted 08 May 2018 - 06:59 PM




For the past couples of years, I've been having bouts of severe cramping (almost to the point of passing out due to the pain) with diarrhea, which started happening after what I believe to be an episode of food poisoning from chicken. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I had the same thing happen. I'm still getting the diarrhea with cramping, but not so intense, and I get periods where I am passing whole stool that isn't hard to pass, however I still have the cramping at times. I don't have blood in my stool, but I do have mucus that lines the stool on my first pass and that's only when it's whole. I've also lost 10lbs since January


Went to a GI physician assistant today, who I felt didn't clearly understand what I explained (I could have also not explained it properly). I gave her the low down, and also explained I haven't really touched any fruits or vegetables because those tend to make my symptoms worse. I told her this 3x times. She asked me if I tried any probiotics or fiber supplements, which I haven't. She then advised I started taking those for 2 weeks to see if stops the cramping, because she thinks I'm constipated. I think the reason she thinks this is because every time I have diarrhea, I don't pass stool for a couple of days, which leaves me having a bowel movement maybe 2x a week, at the most 4x, which usually happens when I have diarrhea. So, I really don't know where to go from here. I don't think the probiotic/fiber supplement will help, because I've always been sensitive to fiber, and I'm fearful it will make it worse. I'm thinking about getting a second opinion, but I'm not even sure they would be able to suggest anything else besides a colonoscopy, which is what the PA is trying to avoid until there's  a reason to have it done. (Just an FYI, I don't currently eat any vegetables or fruits, nor whole wheat--just stick to white bread and white flour products--, don't drink caffeinated beverages/coffees/teas, don't use artificial sweeteners, don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, and don't take any prescription medications. I did taper off benzodiazepines 6 years ago, and that made both my stomach and intestines a mess.)


I've had blood work/stool samples ran by my PCP, everything came out fine. My neurologist ran more blood work and was notified I'm severely deficient in Vitamin D. He has me on a once a week prescription supplement for the next two months to get my levels up (they were at a 6, but need to be at a 30).


I'm just really frustrated at this point and looking for some input.

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Posted 21 May 2018 - 03:49 AM

I don't know if it's similar to what the doctor was thinking about, but I feel like I can have the issue the doctor was referring to if I'm not careful.  Even though I get D frequently, I find I do have to be careful not to get backed up/constipated or IBS symptoms will end up being worse.  As counterintuitive as it seems, I take Miralax every day [which is an osmotic laxative].  Before I took that, my IBS was even worse.


I don't know whether my situation is similar to yours, though.  Originally, I always had constipation, which kept getting worse.  When it got to the point that I would never go, even after combining laxatives, it morphed into IBS-A [meaning alternative between D and C].


Another thought I have is about the severe cramping you've been having.  I do remember having bouts of severe cramping preceded by diarrhea, back when my symptoms were mostly C--fortunately, I only get a severe degree of painful cramps rarely now.  It did seem like bad cramps were more likely to happen when I got constipated.  And if I do experience serious cramps when I am not seriously constipated, it is more likely to be short lived [that is, it will happen right before D, and will lessen quite a bit once I go].


You can see if probiotics help and also try Fibercon type of fiber supplement (if I'm wrong, someone can please correct, but I believe it is the soluble fiber that is more likely to be helpful for IBS and not the insoluble fiber [which may make matters worse).  Fiber won't necessarily solve the problem, but it's worth a try.


In the meantime, your common sense approach is the right way to go.  No matter what a doctor says, if you find that a certain food is triggering flareups, then it makes sense to avoid it.  It would be nice to find fruits and vegetables that you can tolerate.  On this forum, look up the low FODMAP diet.  It can give you an idea of which fruits and vegetables may be okay for you to eat.  I don't eat anywhere near what I should be as far as vegetables, but there are obvious benefits to eating vegetables aside from IBS.

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Posted 22 May 2018 - 01:32 AM

you might have PI-IBS and also see if your doctors can run a CALPROTECTIN test to see if you have inflammation, good luck.

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