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CVS, Gallbladder, Anxiety, or IBS?

CVS Gallbladder Anxiety IBS Nausea Vomiting HIDA Upper GI Ultrasound Fatigue

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Posted 20 June 2018 - 07:26 PM


Hi everyone, newbie here... Lately my symptoms have been getting so bad that I am reaching out to find some answers on my own. From my own research, I am thinking of a couple possibilities....

(1) gallbladder issues - which makes sense due to symptoms, however, my Dr has ruled this out 

(2) cyclic vomiting syndrome - which makes sense to me because of the times of the day I get sick, however, I do not notice hard starts and stops of episodes

(3) caused by anxiety - which makes sense because I have always been on the more anxious side, and my symptoms do get worse with stress, however, I continue to notice symptoms when I feel low stress and anxiety free.

(4) ibs - which makes sense in that it seems like a general digestive disorder, but i don't know that all the nausea stuff fits in with that. My issues are primary nausea/vomiting with a little bit of pooping stuff (as I like to call it) thrown in, rather than primary pooping stuff with nausea/vomiting thrown in as I see other IBS sufferers report.


Here is my story:


I am a female in my mid 20's. I have always had an easily upset-able stomach as a child with frequent tummy aches. About 5 months ago (an incredibly short amount of time compared to some people out there suffering for years without diagnosis), I developed extreme nausea. This was during a very stressful period at work and I was severely nauseous every single day, all day, and especially in the morning. I would gag but never actually throw up. I attributed this to the stress and focused on doing what I could to limit it. About a month or so in, I began actually vomiting. It would not be every time but when it did, I would just throw up mucus, vomit, water, etc... but very rarely actual food and always in the morning. After 2 months, I went to see my general family doctor.  At this time I noted light abdominal discomfort and minor indigestion. Also, during this period I had issues with urgency in regards to pooping. It was never really diarrhea, but when I had to go, I had to go right then and there. My doctor said it sounded like my gallbladder. I was sent for several blood tests (gluten intolerance, celiac, kidney, thyroid, metabolic, and some other food ones I believe), an upper GI, and a gallbladder ultrasound. In addition, my doctor prescribed Dicyclomine to see if that would help. I took the medicine for about a week and every time I took it, my symptoms were significantly worse and so I stopped taking it. All of my tests came back normal with the exception of a small hiatal hernia that the doctor assured was very small and would not be causing any problems. 


At this point, it has been about 3 months since the initial start of my symptoms. After seeing my initial results, my primary refers me for a HIDA scan and tells me to try taking pepsid. I took the pepsid for a period of time, did not notice a difference, and discontinued use. Due to issues with my insurance, I ended up waiting until about month 4-5 for this test. Over this period of time, my vomiting has kicked it up a notch and I am throwing up almost every single day. It would almost always be in the morning time around 8am. If I slept in until 10 or 11, I would notice that I wouldn't throw up and did not feel as nauseous. During this time, the 'pooping stuff'  had kicked up a notch and I begun spending an hour in the bathroom every morning with diarrhea. During this time, I also started noticing pain in my lower esophagus/start of stomach which I believe to be the start of an ulcer. I began taking the pepsid I was prescribed and the pain went away in a couple days. It was around this time that I tried keeping a food log to see if any foods were triggering me. I tried eating healthier, more vegetables, more water, even more junk food, more fried foods, gluten free, etc. Anything to see if it made symptoms better/worse.  I did not notice any relationships with my symptoms and food... I was sick all the time, not just when I ate something. The only thing I could see was that symptoms were worse when I was stressed.


By the time I went for my HIDA scan, the nausea and vomiting had let up a little and I was starting to feel a little better. It was around this time that I begun to get dizzy and I even fell down the stairs at one point from the dizziness. During my HIDA scan, I felt discomfort/pain during the 2nd half after drinking the chocolate drink. However, it was totally doable and my test ended up coming back normal in the 30-35% range. Since my HIDA scan, I have begun to feel somewhat normal again. My nausea and pooping stuff had begun to let up and I was only vomiting once about every 2 weeks. During this time of lessened nausea, I noticed pretty bad bloating and abdominal pain. Lately, the nausea has started to get worse along with the vomiting. In the past couple of days, I have been having the majority of my issues at night and not in the morning. The really bad pooping stuff hasn't returned (crossing my fingers) yet, but the abdomen pain persists. As for the abdomen pain, I notice that sleep and heating pads help it. Sometimes pain medicine, but not always. 


Lastly I want to note my extreme fatigue. I have always been a sleepy person, so this didn't really strike me as odd until recently. Lately I HAVE to take naps in the middle of the day. I simply cannot function without it. It is not a "I'm a little tired and want to rest my eyes type sleepy". It is a extreme exhaustion, heavy body, cannot function, cannot think type sleep. I can't walk or do anything unless I take a nap. This is whether I sleep good at night, don't sleep at all, if I am doing things all morning, if I am sitting on the couch all morning, if I eat, or if I don't. I HAVE to take at least a 4 hour nap mid day to be able to function. I have tried to take shorter naps, setting alarms, getting up and sitting at the dining room table attempting to wake up, having a snack, and if it is any shorter than 4 hours, I have to lay back down. This fatigue could be something else but I wanted to note it here in case this is similar to anyone else.


So is anyone familiar with my symptoms? Any advice would be helpful with the symptoms or if you know what I might have. After the results from my HIDA scan came back, my primary doctor referred me to a specialist. I haven't been able to see him yet though due to insurance issues. 


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Posted 23 June 2018 - 03:10 AM

My issues started with anxiety. Maybe stress and anxiety induced the vomiting? I had my first anxiety attack 5 yrs ago and my constipation and digestive issues started after my nerves were triggered and right after i had a sandwich. A few months later I had upper righttl quadrant pain a gallbladder pain. For now I want to get my anxiety under control because all it does is introduce new ailments.

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