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Is any of my story relatable? Is this an IBS problem?

IBS anxiety loose and hard symptoms

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Posted 01 July 2018 - 07:20 AM


I have always suspected I suffer from IBS as every so often I'd have crippling stomach pains which would only go after id managed to go to the toilet. I'd often get these if I missed my daily poo! Once when I was younger at school, I was in so much pain from being constipated/trapped wind that I passed out while walking to the toilet. It would also seem like certain foods would trigger it - if I ever ate a fatty greasy fry up, id get some serious stomach pains an hour later until I went to the toilet. 


However, over the last month, instead of suffering from constipation, I seem to have moved on to IBS-D?? 



Now at first the doctors thought it was more serious - because I started finding regular blood in my stool, they were concerned it was an IBD such as Crohn's. Stool test and blood test came back normal with very tiny signs on inflammation. (They said for things such as Crohns, inflammation levels are normally much higher).



This caused great stress to me, which in turn, seemed to worsen the bowel movements. However, after I noticed sitting felt uncomfortable, I took a photo of my bum and saw two purple lumps that I assume to be haemorrhoids! Aha! Never thought i'd be so happy to realise I had piles!!! 



I went to my doctor who had an inspection and said it felt all clear but that piles come and go like that. I told her about my constipation etc. and dodgy bowel movements from the past and she also said that it would seem more likely that I am suffering from IBS & Haemorrhoids rather than an IBD (hooray!!.. sort of) 


As of the last 3 weeks, my bowel movements have followed the same near enough pattern -


-I wake up and after either 20 minutes - 1 hour, I have stomach pain and urgency to go to the toilet 

-This BM starts like a normal ragged type 4 - harder but still soft like a snake but always progressively gets looser and looser. 

- Occasionally, i'll need to go again 30 minutes later for a very loose stool.


So I am only going to the toilet once or twice  a day now (compared to the 4/5 it used to be earlier this month and before) - but is this daily progressive loosening normal?


It starts looking like a normal poo and then progressively just becomes looser and looser and then resets the next day and repeats. It's never at pure liquid level but probably as loose as it could be before getting there!


(Also where i've been inspecting my stool a lot more for blood, i've noticed these tiny little white looking bogey things occasionally in my stool - are these normal?)





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Posted 01 July 2018 - 03:05 PM

Doctor said to me that clear or white mucus is normal. I would listen to your doctor. I'm still undergoing tests for my issues. If you still have concerns, visit your doctor.

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