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Parasites help

Parasites pancreatitis

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Posted 17 April 2019 - 03:25 PM

How to get rid of parasites. For a long time, you have probably wondered if it was possible that you had parasites. Im here to tell you that it is possible and in fact, very likely. In cases of extreme infestation, people will try all of the tame suggestions put forth and assume that it wasnt parasites after all. This is because their doctors have not suggested anything in the slightest, and because these tame remedies will only slightly alleviate symptoms. My friends, you need to go to war. This is an epidemic. There are many signs and symptoms to watch for, but telltale signs are a gurgling when you open your mouth, a popping or wriggling sensation in your gut tract, excess gassiness, etc. In fact, humans are not designed to be very gassy at all, so if you experience frequent gas, you should definitely do a cleanse.

The solutions are extremely simple but it can take a year or more to fully get rid of the problem. Be prepared to do a lot of hard work on your body. Some of these solutions will zap you of your energy, even simply diet change, and you cant go easy on yourselves. As they die, and your liver is burdened with the toxins from the overload of medicinals and also from the toxins these critters will release as you disable them. This includes their urine, which will be very powerful and pungent as you paralyze, sting, and disable them. Once you narrow the population down, you will even feel them individually fighting for life and losing the battle; because you are stronger. You are smarter.

Eventually if you have a severe infestation, they will climb up your nose and even into your ears.

Most things will not work in these critters. You must chase them down the tract and keep them away from the upper part of the g.i. tract, where they like to hide. They have firm grips and cannot easily be flushed out if they are higher up. When you evacuate, they will cling on to the walls tightly. They will do this again when they get angry from having to digest these over the counter remedies, and burrow their clamps into your gut lining. HARD.
In fact, at first when you are doing treatments, you may get worse- more bassinets, more bloated feelings. This means that your treatment is working. The whole reason you feel so much discomfort in the first place is because of them! They irritate the lining of the gut, by moving around and clamping down on your gut. This irritation causes lots of gas and bloating. If you are a person that can not deal with Foods that they hate, such as spicy items, garlic, and onions, then your problem is likely not food allergies, its a parasitic invasion.

Many of them will be so tiny you cant even see them. Some of them appear to be clear. There will be all kinds as you have accumulated them your whole life without doing a proper cleanse. You will know that you are winning the battle when your eyes become dilated again instead of being constructed little pinholes. They had seized your body, but now you are ready to take it back.

I believe that some types are more responsive to certain types of therapies.

Think of this in very physically manual terms. Where there is a physical issue, we must take a physical means to remove said issue. Therefore, some of the more effective ways to get rid of them include hydrotherapy. Colonic irrigation CAN work, but dont get frustrated by an unsuccessful short term approach. First of all, enemas are nice but you are dealing with a real monster here. If you want to do a very good job, I recommend one of the kinds that attach to your shower as you can really up the flow to be quite strong! That will help to abruptly detach the parasites from the lining. They are more caught off guard this way than to have a gentle stream assist in the workings. Many enemas are too weak to do any real good. You will need a lot of water pressure to wash them away.

One of the more important ingredients in this equation is that you would prefer to be working hand in hand with a laxative from time to time. We dont want to do this every single day as it lessens the effects of the muscle movements your body naturally produces. On the daily then, I prefer both water (primes for evacuation) with coconut water. Some versions of coconut water are very weak.

Eventually as you free your body up from the vermin, you may find that if you had a tendency to be constipated, you will no longer need coffee to have to use the bathroom anymore. You will no longer need to coax yourself into having a bowel movement. You may have a few movements per day. Also your body will fully be able to start digesting your food again.

These are the simple treatments: peppermint - 3 days on 3 days off- be careful, can become very toxic
Garlic, everyday (buy the marinated kind in a jar so that it is raw and not cooked, this will take some of the taste away. Or buy garlic stuffed peppers.)
Pineapple, everyday (this contains bromelain which will kill many different types of parasites)
Tumeric 3 days on 3 days off, as this can add a toxic load to the liver

And last but not least, a product that we have to be very careful with- 100 percent pure gum spirits turpentine oil.
Take this with castor oil, check out Sun Fruit Dans tutorials online on youtube is good for directions.
If you already have other health problems, or suspect you may, go slowly with this and be easy on yourself or you will burn yourself out.

Whatever the case, remember that these things have grips and will clamp down on your gut, hard. Also, if you get rid of the first rounds of smaller pests, you may find that even though you feel mostly alleviated you are still having trouble. This is where youve got to get some grit into the mix. Often there are many kinds that will hang out at the top of the intestines, waiting for food to pass through. As they have their digs in the actual lining of the gut, you have to chase them all the way down or kill them in their tracks. They are resistant to most things and will become irritated but not die. So constant batches of pepper and tumeric will do the trick, just to get them away from the top of the tract.
If you still cant get rid of all of them, and seem to still have problems after a lot of cleansing, you likely have very old tapeworms which can grow to be very long and can be very hard to get rid of. Target them with pineapple and tumeric.

Take note: the process of becoming parasite free, once started in earnest can easily take two full years of persistent effort, once begun. It is not uncommon for this process to take three or four years if you are busying yourself with a full time job or other life endeavors. This process of cleansing WILL disrupt your daily life and you will feel weak and tired from
Your liver having to work hard.

Tumeric can make certain parts of your body swell up. Not usually terribly so, but just a little forewarning. Also it can make your body hang onto water weight.

Things you definitely need for the fight: lots of fiber, coconut milk and juice, cut down on carbs (fiber from vegetables is best), low sugars, etc. carrots are also really good.
You will want to fight this with raw onion and garlic. I would recommend garlic stuffed olives as these are raw garlic but do not have the raw garlic taste. Remember that this is a battle as hard as losing weight or any other discipline or focus. You will have to fight to get your body back.

The more you take supplements and items that fight against parasites, the more you will notice your movements getting absorbed by the body again. This is good, this means you are on the right track. If you are going back to having formed movements again, this means you are attacking the real problem- you are disabling the parasites from taking your nutrients from you and so your body is able to work as it should. If you suffer from watery b.m.s, not formulated ones, or runny or incomplete, its because you are battling it out with these guys, unknowingly.

So get in there and get your body back from these pests! Good luck.

Remember that you may be dealing with more than one issue that can be causing gastrointestinal distress such as gallbladder, liver stones... or pancreatitis. You can also do a gallbladder flush. Good luck!!

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