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STOP pooping already

daily diarrhea imodium poop stool

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#1 DottyG


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Posted 02 December 2019 - 07:50 PM


I swear if I poop one more time, you're all going to hear me scream - even those of you far away.

Surely not everyone in this world has to have a bowel movement EVERY DAMN TIME they go to the bathroom.  Does everyone in the world have to wipe their butts so much it's almost always bleeding?  Does everyone else use up so much toilet paper and spend so long in the bathroom when visiting people that it's embarrassing?  Is everyone else's toilet constantly stopping up, because they forget to flush multiple times?  Surely there are people out there who don't have the sensation of s*(& in their butts all the time, because they can't seem to get clean.  I want to be one of those people who doesn't have these concerns.

I'm tired of this, y'all. :(  Reassure me that I'm not alone.  I'm tired of having these issues.  I swear there cannot BE this much stool in a person's body.  Why am I always having to do this?

What am I eating or drinking wrong that causes my body to have this much stool all the time?  If I knew what I was doing wrong, I'd stop it.

I had a colonoscopy earlier this year, and all was fine.  But one of the things I BEGGED my doctor to do was to tell me what I could change to stop going to the bathroom like this all the time.  I'm not sure he understood just how much I'm going, because he didn't give me any ideas on what I could change to make this go away.

Can I take Imodium every day?  I got to thinking that, maybe if I took one pill every morning, maybe I could regulate this somehow?  But, is it safe to take that every day?  I don't want to cause more problems or get to where Imodium doesn't work anymore for me.

A little while ago, I got up from my chair, and I could feel a release of mucusy stool ooze a bit down there.  THIS HAS TO STOP.

Y'all, help me.  What can I do? :(


I don't want constipation.  But I have to confess that there have been times when I almost feel jealous of those who do.  At least they get a break from this.  And that's not right.  Neither end of this spectrum is fun, I know.



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#2 bushja1


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Posted 03 December 2019 - 10:58 AM

I can't believe you doctor hasn't prescribed something.   I assume you are seeing a gastroenterologist and not just your regular doctor.   I take Motofen or Lomotil everyday and have for over 15 years with no problems and both are stronger than Imodium.  I don't think there is any reason not to try taking Imodium daily. 

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#3 flossy


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Posted 03 December 2019 - 03:58 PM

Hi DottyG, I normally reply on the IBS-C section of this board but saw your post and wanted to chime in.


I use a squirt or two of lotion - aloe gel works best - every time I wipe, then clean up in the sink afterwards. As long as you are having your BM's at home? This works great for your rectal area, toilet paper never actually touches the anus, just the lotion. I go a lot every day too, so I have to do this so I don't get all irratated/hemorrhoids down there. It's something you might want to try.


Good luck and keep us posted!

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#4 comptalk


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Posted 04 December 2019 - 03:13 PM

Have you tried Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #2? It's supposed to really help firm up the stool. Helps a lot of people with diarrheal issues.  If it gets too firm, just use #2 in conjunction with #1.

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#5 Noca


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Posted 05 December 2019 - 10:50 PM

Doxepin provided me a year and a half of relief, its very constipating sedating so you gotta take it at night, and you can build some tolerance to it so it won't make you as tired.  It provided 24 hours of relief, unlike immodium.  Another med that helps me is LDN(Low Dose Naltrexone) but its trickier to find a doctor familiar with that treatment.  If you are in North America, any old doctor can write you a script for Doxepin if you ask for it.

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#6 laurenibs


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Posted 08 December 2019 - 02:00 PM

It is safe to take up to 8 Immodium daily according to my GI. My IBSD got so bad at one point that he suggested I try Viberzi which has worked wonders. It took about 2 months to really have the effect. I got my life back! I can leave the house without the anxiety I always have had.

#7 map7660


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Posted 10 December 2019 - 12:35 PM

You are not alone ! ! !     My GI has started me on one medicine (Hycosomine sulfate).   If this doesn't work, we will try a different medication.

#8 Green Floyd

Green Floyd

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Posted 12 December 2019 - 03:21 PM

I know the feeling, but I almost forget what it's like to go 29 times per day, every day, as was my routine for 22 years, until about two years ago.


I found this by accident, while looking for relief on other ailments.




It may not be for everyone, but many people are having success with this against IBS-D.

Kratom Tea Recipe


4-5oz cold water, 2 tablespoons sugar (optional), microwave on high 22 seconds


Add 3 level measuring teaspoons kratom, stir vigorously until blended (kratom will not dissolve)


Chug quickly because it tastes terrible, with awful texture!


Swish mouth with cold water. (plantation grown said to be stronger) (wild grown)

#9 ashnichole01


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Posted 13 December 2019 - 06:46 PM

I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. Have you tried a whole food plant based diet? I struggled with severe IBS symptoms for 10 years and nothing worked until I changed my diet. Taking pills and supplements is not the answer. Doesn't it make sense that the cause of gastrointestinal dysfunction would be our diet? Try a whole food plant based diet. That means no animal products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy), no oil or processed foods. I really think that a low fat high carb diet will help you. I've been eating this way for almost three years and the results have been amazing. Go online and find Dr. McDougall's website. There are tons of recipes there, articles and videos for guidance. Buy his book "Starch Solution". Plant basedn nutrition has helped so many people recover from gastrointestinal disordrrs, as well as heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. If you find that you're getting a stomach ache from the high fiber foods, try to eat low fiber foods such as white rice, white pasta, potatoes without skin, rice cereal, etc. Also avoid FODMAPs...find a list online.

I know a diet change like this is difficult, but it is so worth it! You will have your life back. No more spending your days on the toilet. And I can assure you that you will enjoy the food...just have to find the recipes that you like best

Take care

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