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Liver pain?

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#1 Anana


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Posted 20 May 2020 - 07:02 AM


I am having pain on my upper right abdomen. It is a dull pain, in the liver region, it comes and goes but it is mostly present, annoying.


I do have an hemangioma that my gastro said it was not to worry but since another IBS flare up three weeks ago, plus an UTI and antibiotic side effects, I am not sure if the pain is actual liver or part of the whole IBS thing. I am better, but not 100 % yet. My blood test came back very good a week and a half ago.


Has anyone here experienced anything like this?

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Posted 18 June 2020 - 11:29 PM

Hello There ~


I'm sorry for your pain and I hope that today you are feeling even better?!  


When I first experienced IBS symptoms the pain was nearly exactly what you describe.  I thought for sure it was my liver.  I did some reading and found out that our liver doesn't actually cause pain?  I think that's weird, but I read that the liver can cause other things to hurt, like if it is inflammed and putting pressure on other organs.  Anyway, I was so freaked out I cried a lot because the pain wouldn't go away... and then it kinda did.  It moved up to where my gallbladder is... and I thought my gall bladder was going sour.  I went to the doc, got a CT scan and everything looked normal. It continued to hurt... so they did a follow up sono on my gallbladder.  They saw a "thickening" of the wall of my gallbladder and sent me to a surgeon.  By this time, the surgeon tells me I may have cancer, but probably not.  My stress levels went through the roof and then I find out I have a breast lump and they have to scan the heck out of it too.  Stress levels go higher.  I have a legit panic attack because I hurt and I think I'm dying.  The pain in my gallbladder stopped nearly suddenly when I went off of gluten, dairy, and sugar and thankfully, I cancelled my surgery the day before it was supposed to happen.  The "thickening" also went away (imagine that).  BUT the PAIN... ahhh, it MOVED from my "liver and gallbladder" to the left side of my abdomen and was now in what I was sure was my pancreas.  Or, maybe my spleen.  Overall, my GI doc told me I was the poster child for IBS but wanted to run all the scopes/biopsies from both ends... so I let him and I was "normal" except for some inflammation in my tummy.  SIGH.  HE basically told me my stress hormones were wreaking havoc on my body.  I went home and cried and for the first time in my life admitted to myself that I was under a huge amount of stress for, like, 45 years.  


I don't know how much of mine is actually stress induced, but I do know that trauma and emotional issues definitely cause PHYSICAL issues.  The pain isn't all "in my head"... but stress creates pathways for pain to manifest in other parts of my body... and the pain I feel is actually real... and the stress hormones actually freaking do some major damage!!  I'd like to think I can get my gut under control by getting my life stressors under control.  But, isn't some stress normal and even healthy?!  I can't become a monk!  Maybe some of your physical pain was coming from stress or fear?  Our bodies can't keep it all stored up.  


My story has spanned only 5 years.  I'm sad that I can't eat what most people eat and I feel like doo-doo much of the time anymore.  I TRY to ignore it and I take REALLY good care of myself.. I exercise and eat very healthy... but still... ugh.  


Let us know how you're feeling.

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