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Posted 17 November 2020 - 05:45 PM

I've always been diagnosed with IBS-C yet had both long spans with no activity (the constipation side of things) and days I refer to as "frequency" days when I begin having bowel movements almost as soon as I woke up and it continues all day, although tapering off after several hours. Occasionally this pattern lasts for more than one day, although more typically it happens every week or two for just one day. I was always told this was just my body's reaction to the constipation, letting it all out at once, but it really sounds more like IBS-A to me. I recently began working with a dietitian whose specialties include IBS, and she recommended I try a modified version of the FODMAP diet, eliminating just a few of the worst offenders on that plan for several weeks and reintroducing them one by one. She also recommended I go gluten-free, but not because of the gluten itself but rather some compound in it that's a problem under the FODMAP plan. However, she cautioned that the FODMAP diet is more successful for people with diarrhea, and that's not always my problem. I'm willing to try her recommendations, although the gluten free part will be a real challenge since I like to bake and am not sure how many of my recipes can be successfully adapted. I am not sure that it's meant to be a permanent change or just while we try to determine if certain foods or components make things better or worse. Has anyone here tried the FODMAP plan, in a limited fashion or strictly following the entire approach? How did that work?

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