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Hello all, I need some help/advice

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#21 SumitG


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Posted 13 January 2021 - 07:59 PM

So far, not so good sad.png


I tried the fasting and it did help a bit but I got very weak. I could only do it a few days and had to eat something. I added Kiwi fruit and I can't tell the difference. I think it's because when I'm in this much pain it's hard to tell is something is helping even a little. I used to eat tons of fiber, now it seems I can't tolerate it at all now. 


Thank you for your advice everyone so far though, it appreciated.


But this pain is wearing me down. I'm trying so many things. Things that should work. My doc wants me to up my Mirilax and not take the Senna. So I did that for a few days and omg the pain was even worse, I had to get back on something so I tried a super cleanse with cascara sagrada and a lot of  herbs like slipper elm, marshmellow root etc.. Finally went a decent amount but 3 hours later the pain is back.. Just constant.. Night time is the worst, and in the morning is not much better due to the pressure on my sides or back from the mattress. 


I keep telling these doctors it all comes down to this::  If I'm empty, I'm in no pain, like after a complete clean out. As soon as I start eating, later on in the day the lower back pain / side pain / lower ab pain just comes right back. No matter what I eat, and I'm pretty restricted by this point. I'm basically living off oatmeal and soup at the moment.  It's almost as if my poor colon has no protective lining and can't take the gastric juices and bile my body is making to break down the food. And since it's not moving it just sits there and burns.


Feels like i'm at the point where the stimulants may be harming me but at the same time without their help I'm in just as much pain with no motility.


Just venting again. I have a date with a second colonoscopy Feb 19th at least. And even though I can't afford it, I have an appointment with a really good Naturopathic doctor, who will at least listen to me. On top of that I'm finally seeing a psychologist just to help deal with the mental anguish part of all this. I just can't do this alone anymore. 


Funny thing is I'm actually a very positive person! Here's hoping next time I post I'm in a better place than where I am now. 


All the best. Hope your Naturopathy doctor is able to guide you well.. I understand its expensive. But you can get big amount of relief (if not complete cure) if your doctor is competent. 

Do share what he / she diagnosed.. 

#22 Kenny


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Posted 17 February 2021 - 10:15 AM

Kenny thanks for posting the video. I drink kefir daily and keep my diet simple. I have IBS-C. I also have bipolar disorder. Because of bipolar meds I had constipation. But my psychiatrist didn't change my meds inspire of constipation side effects. Then I read about kefir. So now I take 3 dulcolax every third day and kefir - one or two glasses daily. This has helped my constipation. I also take prucalopride - 4 pills a day and 50mg Lesoride once daily. Regarding diet I have cut out trigger foods - no dairy, no meat, no junk food, no wheat, no sweets. I eat rice n lentils, sorghum bread, corn bread, salad, veggies. I also take Miralax.

@GJMody : Glad to hear you are seeing progress. I also have one glass of kefir everyday from the month of September 2020. Consistency is key here , I am not seeing immediate benefits , but I am going to consume kefir everyday for at least one year to decide whether it has helped me .  Also , I was put on SSRI for my anxiety about 6 years ago , I consulted my doctor and have started waning of the medication because i suspect there is  a connection between my IBS and the antidepressant. A word of caution here : Any changes in psychotropic medication must be done in consultation with one s doctors. 


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