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Lots of gas first thing in morning

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Posted 12 January 2021 - 10:44 AM


Every morning when I wake up I pass a LOT of gas in the space of a few minutes. I have got used to it and there's no trapped gas pain or anything either then or the night before.

I imagine it must be like a 2-liter bottle full or something!


I pass very little the rest of the day, except sometimes a little bit a couple of hours after dinner, but not abnormal (still no smell to it.)


The weird thing is I am D-predominant, not C. and this gas is completely odourless. It's just like air and has no smell at all.

My stools are also a very  mild not unpleasant odour. Just "natural" scent-wise.



I'm kind of trying to investigate possible SIBO at the moment.


I've heard that Methane can be odourless, and methane gas is what's produced with constipation predominant (SIBO) but what about Hydrogen ( in diarrhea-predominant SIBO)? Is that odourless too?


I know Hydrogen Sulphide-dominant SIBO causes very smelly flatulence and stool. So it's definitely not that.


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about questions to do with SIBO. But it's a question really about the gas, and if it shows any SIBO clues??


Foods, drinks etc don't seem to affect it, but sometimes I get more gas if I eat  more fiber.


I can't get a SIBO test in the UK this year, and not now anyway as we are all in lockdown. Many doctors here don't even think it's a "thing".




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