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Mapping Out IBS, Symptoms, Meds and More

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Posted 24 November 2008 - 12:36 PM


Mapping Out IBS, Symtpms, Meds and More-- For new members to jump start and experienced members for quick reference

The purpose of this thread, as indicated in the title and the subtitle, is to map out the wealth of information here on this site so that new members may find it easier to find the symptoms of, the diagnostic criteria/tests and treatment/medication for IBS, and how to tell IBS from other diseases that share some similar symptoms as well as how to deal with social/affective issues associate with IBS (such as anxiety and depression). More experienced members may also benefit from this list by using it as a quick reference. This list is, however, not intended to diagnose anyone. If you have not been diagnosed by a doctor, we strongly recommend that you see a (GI) doctor and obtain a proper diagnosis, as self-diagnosis very often leads to more worries and doubts and may mask what a disease truly is. Please also note that this list is by no means complete. You may be taking a medication that is very effective for you which is not listed on here. Please discuss with your doctor before adopting a new medication and/or treatment.Below are the mapping itself:IBS at a glance:

IBS Treatments: http://www.ibsgroup....hp?showforum=58

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnotherapy (Mike's IBS 100 CD's) -- please take a look at the pinned threads, they are very informative and encouraging: http://www.ibsgroup....php?showforum=9


  • Diarrhea specific prescriptions [lotronex (alosetron), zofran (ondansetron), kytril (granisetron), remeron (mirtazapine)]: http://www.ibsgroup....a...amp;s=&f=30


  • Constipation specific prescriptions [linzess (linaclotide), amitiza (lubiprostone)]: http://www.ibsgroup....php?a...&s=&f=4


  • Prescription antidepressants, antispsasmodics, and antidiarrheals [cymbalta (duloxetine), elavil (amitriptyline), tofranil (imipramine), aventyl/allegron (nortriptyline), norpramin (desipramine), prozac (fluoxetine), paxil (paroxetine), zyban (buproprion), effexor (venlafaxine), sinequan (doxepin), dicetel (pinaverium bromide), bentyl/bentylol (dicyclomine), buscopan/levbid/levsin/nulev (hyoscyamine, lomotil (diphenoxylate)]: http://www.ibsgroup....a...amp;s=&f=35


  • Probiotics [Align (Bifidobacterium infantis 35624), Digestive Advantage IBS, and VSL#3, as well as Culturelle]: http://www.ibsgroup....a...amp;s=&f=40


  • Over The Counter (OTC) products [Benefiber (partially hydrolyzed guar gum), Calcium, Citrucel (methylcellulose), Equalactin (calcium polycarbophil), Imodium, (loperamide), Mintrol (peppermint oil), Metamucil/Perdiem/Prodiem (psyllium), pepto-bismol (bismuth subsalicylate)]: http://www.ibsgroup....a...amp;s=&f=22


  • Dietary [including but not limited to dietary supplements, vitamins, recipes]: http://www.ibsgroup....a...amp;s=&f=19


Other Diseases that May Share Some Similar Symptoms with IBS (But Are NOT IBS):

Due to the fact that our recent threads are lost and our sister sites are presently offline, these following are temporarily outside links:

Social Issues Living with IBS (relationships, work, school, anxiety and depression): http://www.ibsgroup....hp?showforum=49

[*]Deeling with relationships: http://www.ibsgroup....hp?showforum=50

[*]Working and career: http://www.ibsgroup....hp?showforum=51

[*]Going to school: http://www.ibsgroup....a...amp;s=&f=52[*]Managing anxiety and depression: http://www.ibsgroup....a...amp;s=&f=31


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