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  1. IBS Constipation (IBS-C) and Chronic Constipation
    So, i have severe stomach gas throughout the day and it causes my eyes outer bottom corners to swell, become dry.itchy and a bit painful, once gas is released, i feel relieved, the gas also causes problems with thinking and other problems, it also increases hunger , how do i find the root...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey folks, Since my IBS troubles began nearly 6 months ago I've been experiencing rather severe cognitive symptoms: an unusual quality to my vision/ almost tunnel vision at times/ feeling distant from the environment, working memory or short-term memory problems/ cannot follow conversations or...
  3. IBS Diarrhea (IBS-D)
    New to the forum, but decided with my background and my persistance I was determined to find an answer for myself. And I believe I have done it and it can help. I have a background in biomedical science, research, and marketing. I have suffered from SEVERE ibs-d (sometimes both) for 18 years...
  4. IBS News, Media, Research, Discussion or Abstracts
    There is an article in the APA Monitor entitled The brain in your gut exerts a powerful influence over the one in your head by Dr. Siri Carpenter in September 2012, Vol 43, No. 8 Just as gut bacteria affect the brain, the brain can also exert profound influences on the gut microbiome-with...
1-4 of 4 Results