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  1. IBS Diarrhea (IBS-D)
    Hello everyone I've been trying a new supplement for my IBSD and since it's been going well, I'm posting about it. It is called butyric acid and you can find a lot of info online, about it's positive effects on the gut. One example is this study ...
  2. IBS News, Media, Research, Discussion or Abstracts
    The first site explains the connection between resistant starch and glycemic index. The second link leads to a very comprehensive list of resistant starch foods. Basic summary: While resistant starch is healthy overall, it can lead to IBS symptoms for a lot of us. Resistant Starch is a type...
  3. IBS News, Media, Research, Discussion or Abstracts
    This is one of the toughest questions for anyone with IBS. The low FODMAP diet, which reduces IBS symptoms by excluding gas-producing foods in only supposed to be temporary. High FODMAPs which form butyrate are generally healthy for the colon and should be gradually reintroduced. The...
  4. Diet
    Can FODMAPs cause Leaky Gut? The low FODMAP diet helps alleviate IBS symptoms by eliminating FODMAPs from your diet but it is generally considered only a short-term measure. FODMAPs are generally healthy for the colon because they ferment into short chain fatty acids, in particular butyrate...
1-4 of 4 Results