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  1. Your Story
    Hello everyone, My name is Tammy and I've had IBS for around 6 years. In the last two years, my symptoms have began to impact my social life and work. For me, stress and anxiety are big triggers - my gut is my emotional epicentre. I've found that people who don't understand IBS have a rather...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi Community Members! Ulcerative Colitis survivor and comedian, Jason Saenz, hosts a benefit for The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. Guests include fellow comedians, actors and storytellers who have also been affected by IBD. It's a spectacu-LOAD of entertainment! All proceeds go to...
  3. General Discussion
    Our goal is to have 5,000 likes by the end of this year on our Facebook page. We're very close. Can you help us out by liking our page?
1-3 of 3 Results