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  1. Abdominal Pain
    Hello Dears! (First of all, sorry for my English) My story was started with left-sided / lower left quadrant (sigmoid part), MILD stabbing pain 5-6 weeks ago, in the FIRST 4 days of my left abdominal was very touch sensitive. But not anymore. Just since the random, 1-3 minutely mild pain all...
  2. Welcome!
    I am prompted to post this because of massive bleeding at the moment - something I have usually assumed is internal haemerhoids. Diverticulosis is the only firm diagnosis I have - following my recent post-55 the end of last year. I have had permanent near-diarreah for maybe 8...
  3. General Discussion
    so I found this paper saying those with ibs are 12 times more likely to get diverticulosis : was wondering if anyone had any links for me / input / info, etc?
  4. Welcome!
    Hi, I'm 46 years old and I am plagued by persistant constipation with IBS. I've been on Omprozazole (Prilosec) for almost 7 years now. Is there anyone out there that takes long term Omprozazole and has diverticulosis, gastritis, and/or gerd with IBS? I have suspected that the prilosec is the...
1-4 of 4 Results