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  1. General Discussion
    Hi I have just joined this group and I am here to hopefully get some help with my masters thesis project. I am studying for a MSc in Culinary Nutrition and I am focusing on FODMAP diets and its effect on IBS symptoms. There is plenty of research into this already but 1 common thread is the...
  2. IBS Diarrhea (IBS-D)
    Anyone have a magazine or book they have really liked that teach you about gut health? "Eat Dirt" was a pretty interesting read that combines MD work, ayurvedic and a few other Eastern traditions to understand and recommend healthy habits.
  3. IBS News, Media, Research, Discussion or Abstracts
    The World Gastroenterology Organisation is pleased to announce the release of its newest educational program: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): What is it, what causes it and can I do anything about it? A Web-Based Educational Program for the General Public Led by Professors Eamonn Quigley, USA...
1-3 of 3 Results