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  1. Welcome!
    Hello Everyone, I'm a Newbie on this website so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I've been suffering with what I've just learned today on this website actually is IBS-A or M and Yes, I am in the 2nd day of an attack after some time with IBS-C and more stable and relatively stress...
  2. Your Story
    Hello. I've been strugling with IBS for 3 years. First, it started with diarrhea and I took agio granules(it increases volume of stool) and recovered soon. But after few months, constipation started and I got a severe pain in my left rib. So doctor gave me agio grandules and ramnos...
  3. General Discussion
    Fellow IBS-Mers, I noticed these forums really cater to IBS-D and C people but what works for those with IBS-M? I've had it for 10 years and I feel like I'm further and further away from health. Has anyone found any treatments or meds that help them with their IBS-M? I am so desperate!!!
  4. Working and Careers
    Hey All, I need some advice as I find myself in a predicament. I started my current job three years ago before my IBS kicked in. Within six months I was having chronic stomach issues (pain, cramps, etc). Tests ruled out IBD, celiacs, and many others so I was slapped with the IBS diagnosis. I...
  5. Diet
    So, I am new to IBS, but not new to digestive/health issues. Diagnosed with sarcoma (cancer) in 2006 and was treated with radiation and two surgeries. Since then, needed three additional surgeries due to incarcerated hernias/bowel blockages from intestinal adhesions, all related to having had...
  6. Your Story
    Hi everyone, As many of you have written, I too, was recently diagnosed after suffering for months, if not years of slowly progressing symptoms. I am sure that I must take some fault to this, as I was always brought up on fast foods, so my diet is attroshious. I do not eat any fruits or...
  7. Prescription Medications
    Hello, Does anyone here with IBS-M take Linzess? I'm wondering how well its worked for others with this type of IBS. Also - it is giving me diarrhea; will that subside? I've only been taking it for two days now. Thank you!!!
1-7 of 7 Results