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  1. Diet
    Anyone following the "safe starches" debate between Paul Jaminet (an astrophysicist) and Jimmy Moore (registered holistic nutritionist) might be wondering whether a low carbohydrate diet is safe. The basics: All starch ultimately degrades to glucose, and all glucose raises blood sugar. A rise...
  2. Diet
    Most successful diets for IBS forbid all grains, and this is because it is well known that all grains contain antinutrients called lectins that not only interfere with digestion by inhibiting digestive enzymes but can also cause gut inflammation and Leaky Gut. All of the following diets make...
  3. General Discussion
    We need high levels of stomach acid in order to digest all our food, carbohydrates as well as proteins. Chris Kresser and Norm Robillard wrote some very interesting articles about low stomach acid and H.Pylori, a bacteria that lives in the stomach. These articles are mainly GERD related but the...
1-3 of 3 Results