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  1. Traveling with a Health Condition
    I prepare all my own food because I have worked out which foods are the worst... and it's most of them. Therefore, when friends or colleagues want to dine at restaurants, I bring my own food. Doing so has come to feel less and less awkward - I am so bloody sick of rolling the dice at...
  2. Apps and Media
    As with most people on this forum, I've been suffering with IBS for a while now, but fortunately I have been able to identify many food related triggers and can usually avoid them, greatly reducing discomfort. Having said that, I still struggle when eating out, and have found it pretty hit and...
  3. Working and Careers
    Hi all, please help! I've read many postings about the jobs that people have a hard time to find with their IBS symptoms before I started my own topic. My situation is no different that any others. I also suffer from IBS but I don't have pain of any kind, or diarrhea, just occasional...
1-3 of 3 Results