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  1. Young Adult's Issues
    Hi All! So I am an 18 year old female student in my first year of University. I have been struggling with stomach and digestive issues since I was about 11 years old and when I was 14 I was diagnosed with IBS as an intermediate diagnosis (the doctors have speculated between pancreatitis...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey so I have spent the good majority of the last month researching possible cures or solutions for IBS and I have found some very interesting solutions and even maybe some cures. Personally I don't believe that there is such a thing as IBS I believe that it's just a term doctors use when they...
  3. IBS Constipation (IBS-C) and Chronic Constipation
    Hello all. I am reaching out to you all in hope of some answers, because I am struggling immensely to live well. So, I'm starting from the top, as you may notice something I haven't, you never know. When I was 8, I was diagnosed with leukaemia and suffered with constipation all through...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello All, I've struggled with bouts of IBS for as long as I can remember - typically triggered by stress and a wide variety of food. I recently found two more pieces of the puzzle and share them here in case it may help others. First, I learned that when I have a flare, my back gets tight -...
1-4 of 4 Results