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  1. General Discussion
    Hello Dears! (First of all, sorry for my English) My story was started with left-sided / lower left quadrant (sigmoid part), MILD stabbing pain 5-6 weeks ago, in the FIRST 4 days of my left abdominal was very touch sensitive. But not anymore. Just since the random, 1-3 minutely mild pain all...
  2. Your Story
    I have had ibs for a long time. Went and had another colonoscopy and endoscopy and Doctor said that they don't know if I have ibs still. They did say the endoscopy showed up with inflammation in my upper intestine and that where it hurts all the time and my lower left side. Also after I go...
  3. Your Story
    This morning I woke up and felt like had to go to bathroom. Nothing came out except black hard things. I don't get why some days I can totally go fine and then constipation hits instantly. It gets really frustrating. I'll have some days where I go really good then right out no where I get...
1-3 of 3 Results