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  1. Diet
    I'm starting a low FODMAP diet for IBS. I have been battling Candida for a while, with some success but not total success as the back of my tongue is still a little white/yellow. Combining the two diets leave a limited range of foods. For example a lot of the proposed candida diets say to...
  2. Research Studies
    Research study. Do you have IBS? Would you like to participate in our Mindfulness for IBS course? We are offering a mindfulness course for IBS and are looking for women with IBS (aged 18-65) to participate. Mindfulness for IBS is a new mindfulness course specifically for people with irritable...
  3. Welcome!
    Hi all, Just joined and having read through a bit on the website, firstly its nice to see I'm not alone (but sad to see so many sufferers). I'm a 26 year old professional, living outside London but working in the city (90 minute commute), active at the gym, like a drink, a night out and just a...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi everyone I have SIBO, Candida and IBS-C. I am looking for the cheapest place to find Rifaximin within the UK to do a course of 14 days at 1600mg a day (550mg 3x per day), along with 1000mg Neomycin in order to attempt to eradicate or at least reduce my symptoms. My doctor has quoted me...
1-4 of 4 Results