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Hi All,

I searched Twitter to reach out to people suffering with anal itch also known as anus puritus and came across this post from 'My Irritable Bowel' Twitter account. Many of our customers had tried the creams after seeing doctors with no luck. If you are having problems with anal itch and the creams aren't working you should genuinely try Simply Soothing Wipes for a couple of weeks. They gently adjust the pH of the skin, if used regularly. The wipes favours the good bugs and cleanses away the undesirable ones. Prescribed creams tend to help the condition initially but often clog the natural workings of the skin. Simply Soothing Wipes are also harmless and do not contain any alcohol. Our wipes may genuinely increase your quality of life.

You can purchase these wipes from our website at

Please see our testimonials here

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