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hi salix. I have the anal itch you refer to and it gets me up every night for the past 2 years or so. I go to the shower and place the shower head at the entrance to my anus, swinging it back and forth to get relief which also prompts me to go to the toilet at the same time. I use the toilet and after 3 times doing this I dry off not rubbing my anus too hard and head back to bed. this solves problem for the night. but it doesn't go away as the next night im up again. it usually kicks in an hour after I go to bed. so I have to accept it for now. but it was all worse before when It affected me during the day, I couldn't sit down on it , found it hard to walk. but thankfully that's all gone now. I NEVER use creams or ointments on it as it makes it worse. only stops it for a minute. and then the mother of all scratching..the shower definitely helps but be sure to have the full pressure on . it may be sore when you do it at the beginning each time but the pain slowly fades. I think the water has a numbing effect on it. anyway that's it for now. if you get any miracle cure, do let me know..... cheers kevin in galway Ireland....a few days later. I now use only warm to hot water when in the shower as cold or cool water makes it too painful. there is no pain with hot water and it seems to get the job done maybe it might help to get rid of it as there is more curing power in hot water...cheers kevin...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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