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Hello, I signed in this website decade ago,just view sufferer's blog and forum. The last time I visit ibsgroup is ten years ago. Since I forgot my password, I have to sign another name to login to tell my ibs-d story because my symptom is almost relieved.

I am a Chinese, male , now 39years old ,living in Beijing and working for a big bank.

I suffered from ibs-d when I was 20 years old in college. At that time, I break up with my first lover ,was upset for one year , did not eat regularly, which I think is the course for my ibs-d. One morning , I get up and begin to diarrhea, in the next decade, I suffered from the chronic diarrhea.

My symptom is just diarrhea, never constipation, never belly pain. The moment I open my eyes in morning ,I go to bathroom to diarrhea. In the rest of the day ,I need to diarrhea for 3-8 times, whatever I eat. I feel exausted , dizzy, cannot concentrate and think, work well. You know the feeling . however , I did not lose weight and appetite is normal.

I checked my body in hospital for many times , including colonoscopy and very expensive stool bacteria testing ,and find nothing. Doctor told me it is just IBS。So I tried medicing, traditional Chinese herbal medicing, acupuncture and other availabal methods , nothing works. Some therapy lasts only days. For almost 20 years, diarrhea nightmare everyday. You can imaging that. So I give up trying any therapy, just let diarrhea be , anyway ,it is not lethal,or even ibs is not a disease.

About four years ago , my sister recommended some kind of meat powder. She told me one of her friends suffering the same symptom was cured , after taking the meat powder for months. And the meat powder is total natual and is quite cheap. so I take the meat powder for about one years , about 2 capsules amount one day .

Then magically, my dirhrea symptom is 95percent removed. Now , I wake up then go to bathroom ,but not dirhrea. The stool is solid. In the rest of the day ,I will go to bathroom for zero or one more time , and stool is solid in most cases. Since dirhrea is stopped, I feel not so exsausted. Very occasionally ,I diarrhea, but will stop next day, which is unbelievable years ago. Normal guy will diarrhea occasionally , isn't is ?

Now I almost stop taking the meat powder, only take one or two capsule's amount for one month., and feels ok too. So I may say my ibs-d symptom is almost cured.

Still, I am quite careful about what I eat , I excluded milk, coffee, cola, cold water, spicy food . those food will stir my colon still, I think.

That is my story, wish every Ibser will find a way to relief,since the symptom Is very annoying , although not lethal.
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