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18 yo and severe constipation

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Hi everyone!I am only 18 yo, just started college. I have to tell you that part of the reason why I choose a community college is becuse of my severe constipation. I figured that I wouldn't be able to treat it when living in a dorm with someone my age.I;ve had it for 4.5 years now. The only relief I found is coffee. But even coffee doesn't always work. Most of the time it works great! But sometimes, for about 2 weeks, it feels like my body takes a break and coffee doesn't have any effect.I don't want to depend on coffee.I eat a lot of fiber, drink water, everything that I need to go to the bathroom.. But nothing works.Even the laxatives don't work. I mean sure they may "soften" everything, but I never feel the need to go to the bathroom.I've been to a pediatrician twice before I turned 18. On the third time, she sent me to a Neutrition expert. I did what she told me to do. Nothing worked.I am thinking of going to a real doctor now, but I am afraid that he will do that colonoscopy (sp?). Will he?I thought that I may have IBS. Could I at such a young age?Help me. I am always in a bad mood because of my problem. I can't even eat when I'm constipated because I know it will cause more pain and more waste in my colon.
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I'm 20 and have SOMETHING. I get a colonoscopy next friday. Just get it, tell the doc to put you under if you dont want to be awake, but get it done if it needs to be....You _may_ have something wrong with you, and IBS is a conclusion of exclusion. Which means a doc cannot find anything physically wrong with you, yet you have these symtoms... I have chronic diarrhea, random pains, gas, etc... It wreaks havoc on College and work...And with constipation, when you have things in your colon flowing slower than they should, you have a higher risk of colon cancer. Just do what the docs say
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so he will definately put me under?
You have to talk to them. My GI told me right away he's putting me under, incase I have a bad time with it (which I will) and because most likely I will have to get one again...You need to get done what you need to get done. Why run the risk of being seriously sick? I cannot wait to get this colonoscopy done so I can start some form of treatment. I am getting cabin fever being stuck inside so much.
oh and how can you have a higher risk of colon cancer? I have read that constipation isn't dangerous to health.. I don;t have diarrhea unless I drink a huge glass of prune juice. So it isn't IBS then?
I have IBS Constipation and i too am dependant on coffee!!! I have to down so much in the AM to try to go before work or my day is ruined. And i feel the same way about not eating if I am clogged up. I am still recovering from a laxative incident over the weekend and its Thursday!I also take zelnorm. Talk to your doctor about that.
You cannot be for sure without going to a doctor lol. It COULD be IBS, or it could be an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, hell it could be anything at this point
You need to find out whats wrong with you before you treat it.
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princessalliann, isn't zelnorm supposed to help with constipation?
I was 18 when I had my first 'procedure'--a barium enema and I was diagnosed way back then with "spastic colon". They did not call it IBS back then. I am 49 now and have worked to get this awful constipation condition under control. Yes I do think IBS can exist from very early years for some of us. Go to the doctor and get all the necessary tests run. That is really the only way to begin getting a handle on what's going on with your body. Zelnorm and magnesium have helped me alot but I had to have the tests run first. Good luck! You are not alone in this! Tiss
Mobee211, what did you do for that?I never vomit unless I get a food poisoning or take milk of magnesia. So maybe this is not it
Gosh I am reading too much on this topic. Stuff that I found scare me to death, such as ileostomy. Who knows what I have.. maybe it's better to drink coffee that occasionally stops working, but going to the bathroom through where you are supposed to go!also, does anyone know just WHY coffee sometimes stops working? Like for a week or more now I drink a huge cup of coffee, and I don't feel a thing.But maybe tomorrow or the day after that, I can swallow ONE SPOON of coffee and clear everything out! Then it lasts like this for a month or so and I am back to the "break"another question: Can a prune juice damage your colon? It is a laxative after all.I think I willl drink a glass of prune juice now. It helped this week already. But it isn't a permanent solution for me either. One time prune juice helped me to go for 3 days and then it just stopped and didn't work anymore.what about magnesia? Does it damage your colon like most laxatives? I was thinking of trying the pills. I think I threw up last time I took it, because it was in the "milk" form. It was sooo disguisting! After 2 years I still get a headache and sickening feeling when I think about magnesia. It was cherry flavored so now I can't stand cherries!
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Sick of It-I went to a GI at Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center here in Boston. After years of tests she diagnosed me with Colonic Inertia and sent me to a surgeon at Brigham and Women's hospital. I wound up having my entire large insteine removed. They spared my rectuma dn reattached the small intestine to my rectum and now I have BMs normally.As for your other questions:prune juice is perfectly safe. Milk of Magnesia is NOT safe to take on a long term basis. You definately need to see a GI.
Zelnorm does help. Was working wonders but now i feel like im back to square one. I have not been regular in 1.5 weeks. just horrible. Im thinking of haing another fiber drink tonight.
Hi Sick-of-it: A colonoscopy is no big deal. The doctor does the hard part, you just lie there and sleep. The worst part is the bill.Definitely get this checked out. I've had C for 35 hears, now under control for about 8 years, and loving it. You don't have to suffer.
10 years of it...finally something that works!I have the same problem. I thought it might be IBS too, but found out that IBS is always associated with PAIN. If you are not having frequent pain, it is probably not IBS.Here is my routine from years of experimenting:AM:1 peppermint cap (from ..)1 Tbsp. of ground flaxseed mixed with an equal part of yogurt into a paste2 c. water1 liter water enemalots of water all dayPM1 acidopholus cap1 Tbsp. Milk of Magnesia1 c. waterI feel great now. My acne is almost gone. My appetite is back. I am so happy!I think the main key is the water enema. I got an enema bucket from http://www.enemabag.comThese are just ideas after you get testing done and exhaust med ideas, etc. My doc actually told me to do the water enemas. Even the colonoscopy prep did not stimulate my bowels. That was very telling.Feel free to write if you have any
alrighte. I made an appointment with a doctor for Tuesday.But for now..I haven't has a movement in about 4 days. Before that I had because of a laxative, but it did not get everything out.. You guys should know the feeling..I don't want to take laxatives again this week.Prune juice isn't doing anythingCoffee doesn't either.Suppositories don't help anymoreMy stomach hurts. It's not even gas. It's obviously because there is too much stuff in my poor intestines. I don't know what to do to go. Help me?I look like I'm 3-4 months pregnant. My stomach is totally flat when I'm empty.Did I mention that Constipation is taking over my life?I did not apply to colleges where I would have to live in a dorm.I get really irritated when I am full of **** (sorry for cursing)I can't eat....which causes my mom to always say that I can't go to bathroom if I don't eat. I feel that I am constipated. She doesn't know how you can feel it. When my stomach blows up to the size of a water melon, she says it's gas. Well ok part of it is gas but most of it is not!It is all so uncomfortalble. I don't want to go anywhere while I'm constipated. I am forced to wear only one pair of jeans because they are not so tight and are very low rise.I have no energyI cry all the timeMy parents think that I am a freak who doesn't respect anyone. Well if only I was empty, I'd love every single person in this world. Right now I hate everyone.I am supposed to be enjoying life! I can't even exersise because of this.I can't eat fiber because it causes too much pain! my life sucks so bad :cry:
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Feeling that way effects your entire perspective on life. People cannot fully understand that. I really suffer from depression when I get bad. That is very normal. I mean, that's why they make so many jokes when someone is in a bad mood about being constipated.Have you tried water enemas? (Not the little bottles, but the bags?) I know that sounds extreme, but believe me, it had made me into a normal person again. (look at my previous post...) As far as you not eating, well, yes. It seems to make things worse to eat when I feel that way too. For most people, it starts a digestive response. But, if your digestion is off, it does not respond normally. It might just makes you sicker. You are not alone. There are not many who have experienced this, so you may feel alone. But, you are not. Many of us have been to the ER. You must be good to yourself and tell yourself you know you are doing the best you can do. You may not ever find a complete solution, but you will find coping mechanisms. You will find a way to feel somewhat normal again and not have this take over your life. But, for now, just be good to yourself.
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water enemas? Don't they make you dependant?I used laxatives twice this week. I seriously think that if I use it one more time, I'm going to screw myself up.And it's just great. I got my period today. For me, my period pain represents Diarrhea-like pain with even more severe Constipation. Don't ask me how. It's just is. I think I have no choice. I will go to a drug store to buy this enema or if I see some laxative that I haven't tried.edit: I took a strong laxative that is used for cleaning bowls. It doesn't work. I am so worried now. When this happens, I think I will spend the rest of my days in diapers because the muscles in my bowls don't work, I think.
Where are you from?We know where to go.
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