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I'm 25 & from the UK, I was diagnosed with some form of IBS around 5 months ago & over the last few months my ability to enjoy life has been declining & my general health has felt like it's been getting worse & I need some advice.

I'll preface by saying the GP I've had recently has been great, young guy just a bit older than myself, said he's quite a new GP, always felt like he's listened to my concerns more than previous doctors have in the past.

Current treatment
I've been taking laxido which is an osmotic laxative for treatment which did work at first but has since been less effective. (it still softens my stool but I still feel like I need to press extremely hard to actually pass anything & I'm still experiencing discomfort)
Originally I was taking 4x sachets a day, 2 morning 2 night for 2 months; Currently I've been taking 2 sachets every few days when required because the constant draining feeling was becoming too much.
To say the least, it felt like my arse was falling out of me when taking 4 a day & having thin-soup consistency stool was horrible & I still had the feeling of not being 'emptied'.

A brief description of my experience at first.
Constantly feeling constipation & incomplete evacuation, bloating & gas; would often have to basically 'stimulate' the rectum to make anything move at all which would normally go from hard stool to normal consistency to very soft in 1 sitting which could last upwards of an hour+ of being in the bathroom just to feel some form of actual relief and properly evacuated by the end of it. The inside of my rectum often is either a very mushy white mucus, basically dry or wet with very clear mucus.

A brief description of my experience currently.
Exactly the same experience as above however after pressing a little too hard once or twice I've developed pretty sharp headaches in the front of my head above my right eye, I've been dizzy & nauseous when doing any activity that isn't seated or laying, still bloated, been feeling increasingly weak & more fatigued & tired than ever before.
Indigestion also has been increasingly more frequent, not sure if that's from my gut transit time suddenly slowing down or what.

I've had a bowl cancer screening, blood tests, had a FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test), celiac disease test cause of undigested food in stool. All of that has came back OK.
I had a urine test at hospital when I went up at 4am due to a sudden large amount of rectal bleeding & the nurse said I wasn't suffering from any infections & they found no protein in my urine.

I don't really know what else to do/ask for for future testing to figure out if it is anything other than IBS that can be treated but I can't keep living like this; Everyday I feel drained, between feeling low energy or my behind/bottom just feeling exhausted from having to basically press.
I've already asked if a colonoscopy or seeing a gastroenterologists was possible but I was told that's more of a 'later down the line' thing, I just want to know what other avenues of treatment to go down, after only 5 months of this it has absolutely stopped me in my tracks.

I've kept a 6 week food diary, I've selectively stopped eating/drinking things to notice a difference and there hasn't been any.
I've had probiotics yogurts, I've cut out more or less all junkfood out my life entirely (didn't each much of it in the first place)
I do live a fairly sedentary lifestyle where I'm sitting my of the day but when I do exercise I just feel absolutely exhausted because of this.
I don't know what to do anymore but I really need tips or pointers.
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