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3rd week of trials....update....

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Well, I'm now on my 3rd week of the Zelmac trials, and not doing too good, in fact, I'm about where I was before taking the new tablet. I reckon, the first week, Novartis has put in the proper Zelmac just to make you think your ARE on the Zelmac, with I.B. being a "brain gut" thing, but since then I'm starting to think I'm on the Placbo. I am persiting with the trials tho and they go for 3 months. Oh well, I just hope at the end I find out what I actually AM anybody else the same as I am after taking the tablets for a few weeks?
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The drug doesn't work for everyone. I had a tremendously positive result from it as did one other person on the BB. For us it was a miracle drug. Most people feel some relief from bloating and pain. Please stay with it even if you think you are on the placebo. It's critical for many people that this drug gets on the market and by being in the placebo group you are helping this effort. T
I have NO intentions as I said in my last post, to pull out of the trials for Zelmac! Once I say I'll do something I see it right through to the end. That's me. Actually, seeing as I haven't been doing too good on it lately, I rang the Clinic and they did say that's normal, that some people can go back to the way there were for a short time. Maybe I'm doing that now who knows. Anyway, the sooner we all get it tested the sooner it's on the market, so I'm definately hanging in there with the trials.
Wish everyone was as dedicated as you. Thanks on behalf of all us IBS-C sufferers.
If I wasn't dedicated to this trial and everybody else felt the same way, then how on earth would we ever make it available in the Pharmacy. If only MORE people would go on the programme for the trials. I am hangin' in there tho..some good days, some not so good days. I'll keep my weekly "progression" posts going for all to keep track tho, trust me. Only 2 + 1/2 months to go...sigh....
Agreed, especially more men, so we can get this approved for their use.
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