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3rd week on florastor... what now?

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So i have now been on Florastor for about 3 weeks. The first week i took 1 pill per day, then i upped it to 2 pills a day. I actually felt better on 1 pill a day. Now that im on 2 the gas in uncontrolable. I have been taking 2 gasx pills with the florastor and still no luck. Its messed up my my bowels and is very inconsistant. I go from liquid D to almost constipation. I assume i have a lot of damage that its trying to repair, but wondered what to do next. Should i go back to 1 a day and see how i feel. Is 1 enough to really do much? Maybe ill see more of a differance after taking this for a month or so? HELP!I appreciate any feedback!! **I posted this also in the probiotic board, but this board has more traffic hoping i can get feedback from both
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