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5 weeks without flareup

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After 2 years of suffering from IBS, I finally have it under control. For the last five weeks, I have been eating more simple. About 2 meals a day and maybe 1 snack. I cut back on foods that bother me. I also take 1 imodium with my effexor after dinner. I have actually been drinkin alot more socially, maybe 2 much and I have felt fine. It seems life is almost normal again and then last nite I ate 2 everything bagels (the guy in the store messed up and gave me the wrong thing). About 30 minutes after eating this I felt very fatigued and tired, like I usually did when I had a flareup. Then my stomach hurt and I had diarea all day today. I still feel sick and am realizing that I think im allergic or very intolerant to something on that bagel. Possibly sesame seeds. Maybe this has been the problem all along. Its not the bagel itself because I eat bagels everyday. That food intolerance testing isn't looking so bad after all.
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What did you have on the bagel. I get this reaction from all types of dairy within 5 min ...usually almost instantaneously. I have a dairy intolerance as none of the Lactaid products or pills ever did a thing. I go the other way though..not D but C and I can totally relate to feeling spacey and tired. I lose any concentrating skills I am in a fog and it is sometimes accompanied by a severe headache and sore swollen glands.
I had cream cheese on it but thats not the problem because I always eat cream cheese. Its now 4 days later and I still don't feel totally better
. I guess the IBS is back. I'm thinking about talking to my doctor about that medicine that increases the opoids in the gut. Its worth a try.
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