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8am - here we go- pico salax prep

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I have a feeling it is going to be a long day
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Yeah.. but I bet tomorrow seems rather short in comparsion.
Just make sure you got a book or something to read and distract you while you prep. And try to keep in mind.. this is the worst part of it and tomorrow will seem like a snap.Find out about the sedation if you haven't already and make sure you got a ride.All the best for a 'not so horrible' prep today and a smooth and easy procedure for tomorrow.
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ok it was def not as bad as the previous prep I had to do coylote I think it was called or something similar but I am writing here so I do not puke it back up..I downed it pretty quick and now am having some anxiety about the effectsI am probably going to post a lot today - thanks for keeping me company to anyone who can!I am so very thankful to have found this thread through a search on google last night - I will be doing a lot of reading today. I hate to be able to relate to this group and hate we all have to endure this disease but we do and to have found a group where people understand is amazing
Pretty tired i dare take a nap? I mean this isn't going to kick in all of a sudden right?
Probably being a pain herebut not much is happening. Yes I have gone to the washroom a few times and it is more loose than normal but nothing like last time with the other prep
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