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A case of bad timing - can anyone help?

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I had always had IBS D, and actually thought myself lucky compared to my work colleague who has IBS C, because when I got pain, I went to the loo and it was relieved, if only temporarily. But now I have switched to IBS C, and my main symptoms are sharp pains in my lower abdomen and strong period pains when I am not getting my period. I am concerned because I have been off the pill for over three months. I stopped in September last year, did not have a period until Christmas Day but kept thinking I was about to because of the cramps. Now I haven't had a period since Christmas, which is only late if I have a four week cycle which is unlikely. Part of me wants to be pregnant (we are actually trying!!) but another part of me is really worried because now I have IBS C instead of D it seems as though my symptoms are going to get worse instead of better (come back days of D!!!!).Is there anyone else with symptoms like me who has had children? Also any comments about Preganacy with IBS will help because I am nervous, and my husband (not being the most supportive person in the world) reacts to me in pain by saying "I don't know how your going to cope being pregnant if your like this now.I'm partly excited but mostly at the moment just depressed and feeling a bit hopeless. Help!!! [Frown]
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Hi,I'm dissapointed to see that other IBS-C women have not replied to you. I think your issue is an important one and I would try all kinds of relaxation techniques such as Yoga, Hypnosis, and walking.As a male I'm unable to help but I just wanted to know that you're not crazy and your worries are understood.DM.
My children are grown but I have suffered from IBS-C all my life. The only thing you can really take safely during pg are stool softeners (with no laxative) and maybe Benefiber and magnesium but that all has to be cleared by the doctor. My C was worse during pregnancy but I knew that was going to happen. I was much younger then so my C didn't seem to bother me as much as when I got older. I feel for ya that's for sure. The IBS relaxation tapes helped me alot. Maybe that would be a good thing to try now before you get pregnant.
HI,I have had 2 pregnancies while suffering from IBS. I was IBS-C for years and then it seemed to change to IBS-A. I found in both of my pg's that my symptoms were actually less of a bother until the last month when i occasionally suffered from quite bad bouts of constipation, but this can happen to anyone in pregnancy anyway. I hope you get the result you want and please don't worry too much, you might also find that your symptoms are less when pregnant.Tracey
Thanks for your replies. Walking definitely does help. I am a postlady and I feel a lot better after my delivery, however the downside is that getting up at 4am and having breakfast then sends your body clock a bit funny.I guess I will just have to relax and not get stressed about what might happen.
Mrs Bear - yes, I'm IBSC and yes, I have kids (all 3 of them, bless), though I must confess I've only had IBS for 8 years and 2 of mine are 14 and 12 and the symptoms are definately worse since Sophie has arrived. That said, please do not let IBS rule your life to the extent of putting off having a family. I find my IBS is considerably worse when I'm stressed. Yes, I know kids sometimes can cause that but surely too they keep your occupied and fulfilled and busy and I find, in those circumstances, IBS tends to take a back seat. Of course its a huge commitment but I'd never be without mine. In some ways, having kids makes your life change direction, re-assess your priorities which might in turn help you with the IBS symptoms. There are no easy answers and I wish you luck with whatever happens.
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