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A diet plan without counting calories

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Hello! I'd like to control my food intake but without counting calories (I find it stressful). Is it possible? Can you give me tips?
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Determine if your current diet is affecting weight gain? If the weight is growing, then just try to reduce the amount of food consumed by 30%. If the weight stands still, then a reduction of 20% is enough. YAZIO Mod APK deserve special attention. I don’t know how often you play sports and whether you do it at all, but in any case, light physical activity will come in handy.
What do you mean that you'd like to control your food intake? Is your goal weight loss or something else?
Have you read about intermittent fasting, (IF)?

I eat between noon and 6 or 7pm.

There are more health benefits than you could imagine and there is new information about the benefits coming out everyday.

I would hate to try to count calories!

during my eating window I eat as much as I want, I am 48yo, lean and muscular.

Giving my system a long resting period daily has also helped my IBS problems.
there are lots of ways to lose weight without counting calories by making small food choices and following a healthy eating plan
  1. Be Mindful of Liquid Calories.
  2. Focus on Whole Foods.
  3. Build Your Meals Around Protein.
  4. Use High-Volume Foods.
Just wanted to repeat again, Intermittent Fasting.
Look into it, it is so healthy in so many ways.
once you get into the habit, it is not all that hard.
Then in my eating window, I eat what I want and however much I want.
It keeps me thin at 50 years old.
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It also saves money on your grocery bill, when you're not eating and snacking all day! 😃
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