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A Little bit of guidence and advice please :)

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Hello Everyone !

Im knew to this group, its really great that there is a free group for suffers of IBS i feel im the only one that seems to be suffering and nobody else understands !

Anyways ive been diagnosted with IBS its not being fully treated as im still on going a lot of investigations whether or not its IBD because ive had a bleed for somewhere and no doctor seems to know ( Good to know ey ! )

But if i do have IBS i have a really bad severe case where its a bit out of control at the moment so im just wondering if anyone can help with advice or suggestions.

I suffer from constipation but can get a bit of diareah now and again, i find sometimes milk can help ease it so i drink a lot of milkshakes.

the tablets that i am on at the moment are..

  • Amtripyline (30mg)
  • Paracetamol
  • Codine (30mg)
  • Laxido

Im waiting for a letter from a new specialist up manchester to see me as the last one i saw was a bit useless and unprofessional.

I only have really bad spazems when im off or lower the dossage of my amtripyline or when im really badly ill with it but it can make me ill for days and sore,

Does the cold affect anyone? like when your outside on a cold day does it affect your abdominal pain?

And exercise makes me worst it seems, is this the case with anyone else?

anymore advice anyone else can give me ?

Thankyou EVERYONE!
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