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a little gross

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I'm having to prep for my egd/colonoscopy today. :| not fun I took the bottle of Magnesium Citrate Last night at 6:00pm Like I was supposed too and all day today already I've been pooping and I still have to take two bottles of Fleet Phospho-soda
someone help will I be living in the bathroom tonite or what?
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I know how you feel, when I had mine done I had to drink the other stuff, a gallon of it the night before.I would'nt get to far from the throne, good luck.SEE YA
When I had my colonoscopy done, I told the nurse how hard it was on me to drink the phospho soda and then deal with the aftermath it causes. She told me she was suprised I had finished the two doses and that most peaople cheat and do fine. They expect people to cheat a little bit, were only human. Once you are pooping liquid you are probably ok, Just make sure YOU DON'T EAT ANYTHING SOLID!! Good Luck and I hope the colonoscopy and EDG provides you with answers to help better treat your symptoms!
The best I can tell you is grab a good book and stay near the toilet. I know it is hard, but we have all gone through it. Good luck!
You won't need two bottles of fleet, that is kind of overkill. Once your poop is running clear then you don't need to take anymore. If you can't tolerate the taste of the fleet, then you can take ducolax pills instead. I find it odd that they would make you start to clear yourself out 2 days before the procedure. I have only ever had to take the prep the day before the procedure. If you get sore then wet toilet paper, baby wipes, or baby oil on your toilet paper will help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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