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A lump down there....

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Whenever I have used the washroom in the past couple of days I was struck with pain when I were to wipe. I just realized i have this lump between my vaginal opening and my rectal opening... it is almost like a pimple but a big lump and it is sore to touch. Any idea what this could be? I have never had sex before so I know it is not an STI....what is it?
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Could be an abscess. I would have your doctor look at it. My son had one of those and had to make a trip to the emergency room to have it lanced. They can be caused a plugged anal gland.(don't worry... if it turns out to be an abscess, they'll use some lidocaine or xylocaine to numb you so you won't feel anything)
I know it can be embarassing, but you should probably let your doctor take a look at the lump. I know it can be uncomfortable to ask, but it's nothing new to them in their job. If the lump is causing you pain, please see a doctor for treatment.
Hi,I have had this happen several times to me. Turns out I was having a allergic reaction to the pads I was using. Needless to say I stay away from always. I have a few friends whom have had the same thing happen. The pimple like bum is more like a blister or boil.
I think Evie may be right on this one. I do advise to see your doctor.
Do you shave that area? Sometimes it's an ingrown hair, or razor burn I had a huge pimple, I sat in a hot tub for a while that didn't pop it so I broke out a pin...all the liquid came out put some Neosporin on it and now it's going away.
I have heard of the Always thing, though. I cannot use them anymore as they do very unkind things to me.
I've had blood-filled cysts before. They would last 1-4 days and then go away.
No I do not shave my pubic area at all. It is like a lump. It has been over a month now, I never did get it checked out it has decreased to about half of its size and now longer causes me pain. I do not use Always... they are bad!
When I had mine it was a blocked sweat gland. Warm compresses helped mine decrease in size.
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