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GOOD MORNING O SKINNY ONE...That's a valid question...I can see where tidbits leaking out can create confusion. My firstborn is now 18, born when I was 30 to "prior-MrsNL". After divorce from prior-MrsNL who was an alcoholic my firstborn Justin NL Was "my baby" for quite a few years. He was 2 when we divorced and I raised him myself until he was about 9 I guess and he was allowed to go live with his mom to see what would happen.That did not work out after a few years, and a very difficult process of finding and reclaiming him was completed when he was 14.At that time I had remained an avowed bachelor for many years until meeting the present MrsNL who brought along my stepson JuanNL (now 10), and blessed me at this late age (I feel like Tony randall sometimes) with BabyNL (StephanieNL) who just turned 2.However you are correct...JustinNL, no matter how rough around the edges boys-trying-to-be-men become these days, will still always be the little 3-year old reading a book about ROCKETS Upside Down in the portrait that hangs over my PC station in my office. He lives in Lancaster now, trying to find his way...miss him.MNL
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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