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I have written a program that analyzes food diaries:

Its for free.

I wrote this because I was frustrated with all the apps that are in phones and tablets. They look great visually but are completely useless either because they have no analyzing afterwards (simple statistics) or FOR THE MERE FACT THAT WRITING FOOD DIARY IN AN PHONE/ TABLET APP TAKES FOREVER!!!

In my program you use spreadsheets instead, and it goes really fast to write your diary when you've gotten a hang of it. Later upload it to the webpage and you will get statistics back.

I do not store any data.

My program has helped me already (the tags in top for me include: small meals, certain probiotics, green leaves, especially spinach, herbal tees).

It will make it more fun to try new remedies, next to try for me is oregano oil capsules.

I hope it comes to use for you too!

It is a work in progress and I would appreciate if you help me make it better. My email is on the page.

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